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simplerwebs-pingdom-scoreSite speed is an important high ranking factors for Google! optimization should be added to your overall website's design and SEO campaigns because if you don't, you might end up with a great looking website that takes ages to load. Nobody wants a slow website, nor should they wait more than 2 or 3 seconds for your page to load!

If your site falls under the category of slow websites, then you need to perform a site analysis, find and resolve the problems fast or risk of loosing valuable visitors and revenue.

Our site speed optimization, and extensive SEO audit are both included as a free addition with our SEO services!

Our website speed optimization to the rescue

At SimplerWebs, we offer affordable website speed optimization services to small business owners, like yourself! Our site performance optimization services will help find, remove performance bottlenecks,  improve site speed, boost customer retention, increase conversion and lower bounce rate!

Why choose us?

Website Speed OptimizationOur website speed optimization will help you take advantage of our extensive SEO audit (technical SEO) which provides valuable information as to what is iling your site and making it perform so poorly.

Our site load time and performance optimization services will check for the following issues:

  • Hosting - We check if your hosting company is using the latest hardware, software and if they offer tools to help your site attain optimal performance?
  • Template - We look at the template you are using and see whether it is a fast, light and 'bloat free' template?
  • Extensions - We check whether you are using and have enabled unnecessary extensions?
  • Cascading style sheets (CSS) - Have you combined external CSS?
  • JavaScript - We check whether you have combined all your external JavaScripts?
  • Serve static content - We check whether you are serving static contents from a cookiless domain?
  • DNS lookups - We check whether you are minimizing DNS lookups
  • Code - We check if you are using proper code and implemented them in the proper order for faster page rendering?
  • Images - We check whether your images are properly named and optimized (smallest file size possible with no loss of quality) or not?

The above is just a partial list of issues we look at and take in considering when analyzing your website. Contact Simplerwebs today, at 484.220.1888, for more info or use our form to request Free initial consultation.

Free Speed test! (Click me for more!)

At SimplerWebs, we offer free speed test, with no obligation whatsoever, to help pinpoint the bottlenecks that are slowing down your website! No matter how much money you paid to have your website professionally designed, if your site takes forever to load, then you paid too much money for having your website rank poorly! Request your free SEO audit today!

Improving your website's site speed an important step (critical SEO factor among many) you should take in order to achieve high search ranking and beat your competitors! All major search engine, like Google, Bing and Yahoo, consider page load time a critical factor in ranking your site?

The need for higher speed

Site speed and optimal site performance are among many important SEO guidelines and having a fast loading website will give your site a better chance of being indexed and listed higher in the search engine result page (SERP). An optimized website with better performance will also lower the bounce rate, help you retain more customers and increase sales.

Fast content delivery

Search engines aim at delivering content in the least amount of time possible! If your website takes forever to load or render a page, then your site will be left behind and your competitors' will get listed instead. Don't let them take advantage of your poor site's performance, take your visitor and make the sale.

Most site performance issues, once found, can easily be resolved by working with your website developer and the hosting company but unfortunately, if the hosting company's servers are not using the latest hardware and software for optimal performance, then the only option will be to move to a better one that offers all the tools needed to help increase your site's performance.

Our website speed optimization services will help your website gain higher speed, better performance, retain more customers and increased sales.