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 Affordable website maintenance

Affordable Website Maintenance Services for small business by SimplerWebs of Reading, PAOur website maintenance services will help you keep your site secure and running smoothly by keeping the code up to date, entice your readers, or customers to come back for more fresh content.

Our affordable website maintenance services will give your existing, or new site the attention it deserves!

Why you need to maintain your website?

Just like you need to maintain your brick and mortar store, or your newly purchased car, you need to perform regular website maintenance. If you don't, your site will become outdated, stale, and insecure quickly! So don't wait! maintain your site today before it becomes too late tomorrow!

Outdated site make you loose your customers

An outdated website will be a security risk to you, and your customers! If something would happen to your customers information, such as their credit card information, they will never trust your site again, and will never be coming back, thus, loose them for good! Did we mention that you might also loose your high ranking you worked hard to achieve?

If you think the Internet is safe, think again! There are thousands of people out there trying to exploit a website's vulnerability and make money and setting up a regular site maintenance will help you close any security holes it might have due to flaws found in outdated version of PHP and MySQL for example.

Our affordable website maintenance will help you keep your website's design code up to date, showcase your new products, or services to your customers, and keep up with the latest web technology and security.

With SimplerWebs' site maintenance services, you can add images, text to your existing page(s) and even new functionality to your website, for LESS!

Who we are

We are an affordable U.S. based website maintenance company with one main focus - To provide small business owners, such as yourself, with affordable site maintenance services in order that you may center your energy more on running your business, than tackling the chores of maintaining your site!

As a business, we believe that you should make your customers your focal point, and delegate the website maintenance tasks to skilled and experienced professionals, like SimplerWebs!

Why choose us as your website maintenance company?

You should choose SimplerWebs as your website maintenance company because we offer more site maintenance features for the same low prices you expect! And while other website maintenance companies will charge you for their express response time, we don't!

We respond to your site maintenance needs within an hour, or LESS, including on week-ends and Holidays! Just call us at 484-220-1888 to tell us what type of site maintenance you need, email us with the content, or image you need replaced, and the request will be handled by one of our website maintenance professional right away!

By making SimplerWebs your website maintenance company of choice, the chores of maintaining your website will fall on our shoulders and not yours, thus allowing you to focus more on running your business, while we keep your site fresh, secure and up to date. Did we mention that we don't believe in a website maintenance contract?

What comes with our web maintenance services?

Every business, no matter how small it is, has different web maintenance needs and that is why you won't find any pricing in our website maintenance packages! You can either hire us on an hourly basis, or have us customized a web maintenance plan just for your needs!

Below is a brief summary of our web maintenance features you can customize

  • Text - Adding, removing or replacing existing paragraph(s)
  • Images - Adding, removing or replacing existing image(s)
  • Page - Adding or removing page(s)
  • Menu - Adding, removing, moving or replacing a menu item
  • Up-time monitoring - We'll keep an eye (actually both eyes) on your website's up-time
  • Hosting Support - We will contact your hosting company (if you are not hosting with us) on your behalf and work with them in troubleshooting and resolving any website's issues
  • and much more

For a detailed list of our web maintenance features, please visit our website maintenance packages page!

Is maintaining your website good for SEO?

Yes, maintaining your site is very good for SEO! When you add fresh content to your site, once, twice, or multiple times a week, you will be attracting two of the most loved and very important visitors! Are you ready for this?

  • Your would be customer - They will become aware of the latest trend, products your store carry or services your business offers, and will run to your website to check it out and read about it
  • Search engine bots - They will spread the word about your new products or services

By maintaining your website regularly, you will attract and make your would be customers and the search engines very happy! Your customers will be happy because you provided them with fresh content to read, or new products to buy, and the search engines will also be extremely happy because you did exactly what they wanted you to do, provide a great service for your customers!

The reward of maintaining your website, regularly

Will the search engines reward for your web site maintenance efforts? Yes they will! They will not only index more of your website pages, but also boost your ranking, and if you play your cards right, you might end up on the first page of their search result page. If you continue listening to your customers and the search engines and giving them exactly what they want, you might keep that #1 spot for a very long time!

Will they reward you? Yes they will! And you will make the search engines and customers, looking to buy from you, very happy and glad they have come and visited your site once again. And in return, these regular visits will make you even happier when you see increased traffic and revenue.

In summary

If you setup a regular website maintenance campaign, and provide visitors with exactly what they came for, the search engines will notice your efforts and reward you with a high ranking position! Once visitors/prospects visit your site, you should have implementing a call to action to turn those visitors into customers and increase your revenue!

Need professional website maintenance for LESS? We got your covered!



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