Affordable Web Design Packages

We help you attain a web presence, for LESS!

Web design packages by SimplerWebs of Reading, PAWe offer affordable web design packages to help you attain a web presence, and promote your business, for LESS!

We use various web design platforms (CMS - Content Management System), such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento with the latest web design technologies such as HTML 5 and CSS3, to design and develop a professional website that not only will meet your business needs, but also your budget!

Our web designers will provide you with an affordable mean to attain a web presence, showcase your products or services on the world wide web, and increase revenue while keeping your design cost low!

With SimplerWebs, you can start with a 3 pages website and then easily extend it to a full eCommerce website, to compliment your growing business, without having to re-design your website from scratch.

SimplerWebs' Web Design package features?

Whether you choose a static HTML website, or a dynamic website, using a content management (CMS) of your choice, every SimplerWebs' web design package will include:

  • NO setup fee
  • NO monthly charges
  • Unlimited revisions till you are happy and site is LIVE
  • Unlimited emails - We'll setup the email address for you through your hosting cPanel (if you desire). We can also forward it to your desired email address! Access to your cPanel is required
  • SimplerWebs' Responsive design - Mobile friendly website
  • FREE initial web design consultation
  • FREE 365 Support via email, phone, text message and through our contact form if you are hosting with us
  • FREE standard contact form for customers/prospects to contact you from within your website and then receive an email notification
  • FREE On-page SEO - Search engine optimization (We will optimize 1 page, of your choice, for search engines)
  • FREE Google Analytics setup
  • FREE Social Media implementation - We will add the following social media icons (provided by you) to your page, or module: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+
  • FREE 1 hour training once the site is LIVE - Learn how to maintain you site, add images, edit content, etc... (up to 2 hours for eCommerce sites)
  • FREE HTML Sitemap (Not included in the 3 Pages web design package unless you want to replace a page with an HTML sitemap)
  • FREE XML Sitemap
  • FREE Favicon - Just provide us with your logo in AI (Adobe Illustrator), PS (Adobe Photoshop), PNG, and we'll turn it into a favicon
  • FREE Copyright module
  • Images Upload - We will add image(s) to your page article - Images are to be provided by you in the desired dimensions

Choose your affordable web design package! (Click me to find out!)

If you are a small business owner with limited web design budget, but still want to secure a web presence and showcase your online business, for everyone to see, we give you various web design packages you can choose from.

Starter 3 Pages web design package

With this starter web design package, you will get a 3 pages website (using a CMS - content management system such as Joomla, or WordPress) that you can easily maintain, and update the content yourself (if you choose to do so).

This web design package will include "SimplerWebs' web design package features"!

Cost: Call 484-220-1888

Small Business web design package

This small business web design package will be a dynamic website (using a CMS - content management system such as Joomla, or WordPress) and will include up to 6 pages! This package is suitable for your small business and will allow you to easily maintain your website, and keep your content fresh and up to date! This 6 pages web design package for small business will include "SimplerWebs' web design package features" plus:

  • SimplerWebs' web design package features
  • SimplerWebs' On-page SEO - For 2 pages (of your choice) instead of 1
  • 1 Custom form with up to 7 fields (of your choice) to help you get leads, through your website, and sent to your chosen email
  • A site search to help your visitors find what they are looking for
  • Google Map
  • Site Backup to help you restore your site when needed

Price: Call us at 484-220-1888

Medium Business web design package

This web design package is great for your medium business and consist of up to 10 pages (using a CMS - content management system such as Joomla, or WordPress). With this package, you will be able to add more content, more features with the ability of maintaining and updating the content yourself. It will include "SimplerWebs' web design package features"! Plus the following additional features:

  • SimplerWebs' On-page SEO for 3 pages (of your choice) instead of 1, or 2 pages
  • 2 custom forms with up to 7 fields each
  • A site search feature
  • Google Map
  • Site Backup
  • Optimized .htaccess
  • Custom robot.txt
  • 1 FREE site restore

Cost: Call 484-220-1888

eCommerce web design package

Our eCommerce web design package is great for a small, medium, or large business owner, like yourself, that wants to showcase and sale their products Online! For this eCommerce website, you will have the option of choosing either Magento, Drupal, WordPress, or Joomla CMS - Content management system.

However, we recommend the use of Magento because it is a solid design platform for eCommerce sites, has a high level of flexibility, and is easy to optimize for SEO and boost your site speed! Your eCommerce web design package will  include "SimplerWebs' web design package features"! Plus the following additional features:

  • Up to 20 products - Product information, image, price, etc... will be provided by you!
  • SimplerWebs' On-page SEO for up to 10 products
  • Custom form
  • Image slider - If you choose to have it implemented (not recommended if you care about your site speed and SEO)
  • Up to 5 FREE module
  • Site Backup
  • Optimized .htaccess
  • Custom robot.txt
  • 2 FREE site restore - When you need it

Cost: Will depend on the size of your eCommerce website - Request your FREE initial web design consultation Today!

View SimplerWebs' web design features for detailed information about the features we offer!

Adding other web features to your web design package

We have a variety of web features, such as image sliders, complex contact forms, SEO - search engine optimization, website maintenance, marketing, add additional pages, add additional modules, etc... that you can add to your chosen web design package at a small additional cost!

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We are so sure that you won't find an affordable web design package, with similar features, but at a lower cost than ours that we are offering 10% OFF in case you do! Just bring, or show us a quote, from another web design company in the U.S showing similar features but at a lower price, and receive 15% OFF!

At SimplerWebs, we focus on providing you with affordable web design to help you attain a web presence, and promote your small business, for LESS!



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