SEM - Affordable search engine marketing by SimplerWebs

Want to grab the attention of your customers at the right time? then SimplerWebs' SEM services can help you reach potential customers that know exactly what they need and want now but need help finding that product or service and find it quick.

So if you have that product or service those customers are looking for, then implementing a search engine marketing campaign can be lucrative while increasing your ROI (return on investment).

WHAT IS SEM - Search engine marketing?

We see "SEM", or Search engine marketing as a broad term defining a process a search marketing company employs to promote or market a Client's website using all available technological venues such as social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, pay per click (PPC), Ads placed strategically on various websites related to the service or product the site offers, Ads on the search engine result page (SERP), using email marketing or campaigns, etc, and not just SEO.

Why Hire SimplerWebs for your SEM Campaign?

When you select SimplerWeb for your Search engine marketing campaign, you will enjoy the following SEM features:

  • Lowest SEM cost - No other search engine marketing company can beat our prices!
  • Site analysis - We thoroughly check your site for anything that is not converting traffic into sales, then offer and implement our recommendations in order to see positive changes in lead conversion,
  • Social Media - Setup Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn account matching your business theme and show you how to better interact with your followers to bring targeted traffic to your site and convert that traffic into sales,
  • Email Marketing - Use Email Marketing to directly communication with potential customers and convert them into buyers.
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC) - Target potential buyers
  • And many more - Contact us today for more information about our affordable Search Engine Marketing - SEM

With our search engine marketing service, you not only get search marketing with the above listed features and more, you will also get great search marketing services at a low marketing price. We help market businesses meeting the following criteria:

  • Businesses that have a limited budget but still need to market their business with our affordable search engine marketing,
  • Allentown businesses that need or want to focus on doing what they do best, run a business,
  • And businesses that want to get involved with their business search marketing but are not sure how to go about search engine marketing

My site is already optimized for SEO - Do I still need SEM?

Yes, you do! Again, to SimplerWebs, SEM and SEO are two different aspects of the overall marketing process for your business website! Therefore, you need to implement both, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing in order to gain high traffic, increased targeted leads resulting in high sale conversion.

SEO might just get you traffic to your site but it does not mean those visitors will convert into customers as you planned.

Most of the SEM campaign is done from outside venues , like email marketing, billboards, optimization, and not  outside a Client's site using the above mentioned mediums like Off-page optimization for example.

Need SEM? We can help!