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professional small business website design

Do you think a professional small business website design is out of your reach? Not at Simplerwebs! We can help your business secure an online presence, gain credibility, and promote your business, for LESS!

Before we talk about how we can help you attain an online presence and get those customers back, we will explain why your small business needs a website, and answer those questions that might ba preventing you from going ahead and getting on the same bandwagon your competition is on! Don't worry, it won't be expensive!

Why you need a website?

If we have to give you one reason and one reason only as to why your small business needs a website, it would be 'because your competition already has one'.

But lets mention some of the other reasons why your small business needs a website!

  • To attain an online presence and showcase your products or services
  • Cater to your would be customers using their smartphones to first search for the product/service, then either visit the store, or buy online
  • You can be open 24/7 including Holidays
  • Your products, or services can be purchased from anywhere and not just from customers in your area
  • Low overhead - No utility bills and no rent to pay
  • No employees to pay for their work (except your hosting, domain and maintenance cost - which is not that expensive these days)
  • You get sick, no problem... The business will still be running and making you money

To keep your business door open, and to build its credibility, you need a website, no matter how small your business is!

Answers to questions you might have about a business website? (Click me please!)

Your competitors are online, so should you

Not investing in a professionally designed website for your small business is a mistake you can't afford to make because your potential customers will go to your competitors - Who happen to have a website!

Why send your would be customers to your competitor when you can easily, and affordably make that sell? Why not help them find you when they are searching for the same product or service your competitor offers? Why not bring them to your online store, or brick and mortar shop instead?

Now, let us put your mind at ease and share the following questions asked by some of our clients before they hired us to design their small business website.

How much will a small business web design cost?

The cost of designing a website for your small business will depend on the following:

  • The complexity of the design (how many pages, custom forms you want to have)
  • The features you want to add to your website (such as eCommerce, blog, forum, social media, and so on)
  • The cost of hosting your site
  • The cost of the domain name
  • The cost of maintaining your website (this can be eliminated if you decide to maintain it yourself - Recommended)
  • Search engine optimization cost - Optimizing your website in order to achieve high ranking and bring targeted visitors to your site
  • Marketing cost - Marketing your business using digital marketing means such as email marketing, social media marketing
  • Copywriting cost - Are you going to provide the content for your website (paragraphs - verbiage), or will you hire us to write the content for you?
  • Logo design cost - Are you going to provide us with your logo, or will you require our logo design services?

I already have a web page, or an Ad somewhere else

If you already have a web page, or an Ad on another website, that is a good start but it is not the same as having your own website!

Beside, when you are renting a page on the world wide web, you are limiting yourself from branding your business, showcasing your products or services as you want them to be showcased, creating a business identity and trust, and so on.

I have no products to sell

You may not have products to sell but we are sure you have something to offer! Maybe you have something to say about a product you purchased or a service you used, an idea to share, a story to tell, or special knowledge/skill you want others to learn or acquire.

Everyone has something to give or share whether through a business website, a blog, or a forum! Do you know how to fix a leaking faucet, or how to set bathroom tiles? Why not make extra money doing just what you love doing in your spare time? Possibilities are endless

I don't want to spent my time maintaining a website

You don't have to! If you think maintaining a website is time consuming or difficult, it is not! But if you still want to spend your time running your business, or enjoy a nice day at the beach instead of maintaining your website, we can help! - Our website maintenance services are affordable and within your budget!

We like to deal with people in person

Who said you won't? Just because your small business has a website, it does not mean customers won't come to your store! The website will be just so that customers can find your business listed on their favorite search engine search result pages (SERPs) when searching for the service you offer or a product you sell through their smart phone, get your business phone number and call you!

My friend can design our business website

Good! But does that friend have web design experience! does he know about the latest design trend and search engines algorithm updates! Does he know how to speed up your page load, how to entice your would be customers to click on your link instead of your competitor's?

We can go on and on as to what it takes to design a responsive and mobile friendly website, keep the code up to date, prevent hackers from taking over your site, optimize your site for your users and search engines, but then we will have to turn this single page into hundreds just to talk about what it takes to design a great website!

Our budget is set for another marketing venue

You probably have setup a budget to place ad in your local newspaper, radio, or phone book but have you added the monthly cost of doing so?

Just grab your monthly cost to place an Ad (in the newspaper, and so on) and try to multiple that by 12 months. How much will the yearly cost be? More than it cost to have a website designed for your small business. Not that once your site is completed, you won't have a monthly bill (except your yearly hosting and domain name cost) to worry about.

We can help!

At SimplerWebs, we love helping small business owners attain an online presence, bring more customers and increase their revenue, and that is why, for a limited time only, we are offering our small business website design for only $500.

Need Professional small business website design? We got you covered!

Our professional small business website design comes with the following features:

  • 5 Pages - Custom pages (Home, About Us, Contact Us, and so on)
  • 1 Custom Form - A form with up to 7 custom fields and a re-captcha (security feature to prevent spam)
  • Site search - Help your visitors find what they are looking for
  • Up to 3 modules - Where you can place anywhere on your site (for your copyright info, footer for links to your services and more, your business map, and so on)
  • Responsive Design - You will get a mobile-friendly website that can be viewed on any device
  • 24/7 US Based Support (via phone, contact form, or email)
  • Optimized for optimal speed - Site speed is an important ranking factor (according to Google), and offers great user experience (UX)
  • No setup fee - Nada
  • No monthly charges - Unless you hire us to continue maintaining your website, there will be no monthly fees
  • 1 Hour of free tutorial on how to edit content, add image(s) - Once your site is LIVE!

We can also customize our small business website design package to meet your business needs and budget!

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In Summary:

Your website is a marketing and a communication tool that you will only have to pay one time for its design, but will have a residual mean of revenue. It will also build a strong relationship between your customers and you, plus, it will help build credibility and strong image in the world of social media!

With a small business website, you can;

  • Show what products or services your company offers to anyone, anywhere
  • Where your business is located
  • Ways for your customers to contact you - listing your fax, email, or use your website's contact form
  • Show what customers had to say about your company, products/services through customer testimonials
  • List any holiday specials offers or promotions
  • and more...

We make small business website design affordable


Offering Professional Small Business Website Design, for Less!