SimplerWebs' FAQs Answered

Simple answers to your web design, SEO and social media questions

Welcome to SimplerWebs' FAQs page where we answer your questions about our web design, search engine optimization and social media marketing questions!

Our FAQ page is divided into 4 categories, "web design", "SEO", "social media ", and "miscellaneous services"!

Web Design FAQs

Not sure if we offer a service you need? Call 484.220.1888 and find out!

  • Does SimplerWebs offers its service throughout the US? - Yes, we offer our service throughout the U.S. and to any other English and French speaking countries
  • Why should we hire SimplerWebs for our web design needs? - Because we are passionate about what we do! We focus on small to mid-sized business owners like yourself, and our prices are lower than any other website design and SEO companies in Reading, PA and the U.S.! Want more reasons? See "Why choose SimplerWebs' Web Design and SEO"
  • Why are your prices so low? - Because we have been through that road before! We understand what it means to be a small business owner wanting to have an online presence but not wanting to spend thousands of dollars to have a website designed. We want to level the play-field and give you the opportunity to compete against the big boys
  • Do you offer free consultation? - Yes we do! We offer 1 hour FREE initial consultation either via phone or at your office! Call 484.220.1888 to schedule your Free initial consultation
  • What about paid consultation? - If you have an existing website and need to hire us as web design and/or SEO consultants, you can contact us, or call us at 484-220-1888 for more information about our web design and marketing consulting services!
  • Do you offer eCommerce design? - Yes, we do offer eCommerce (Online store) design! Once your online store that you can maintain yourself once site is LIVE
  • What can you tell me about website speed? - Focusing on just the design aspect of your business website will not do you any good if the site has not been optimized for speed, users and search engines! One thing we recommend to all of our clients is to focus on your users first and search engines seconds! If you host your website with us and choose a server that is configured for better performance!
  • Do you use other optimization tools? - Whether you choose SimplerWebs or another company as your hosting company, we can further tweak your website for optimal speed. Want to know how we can further improve your site performance even if you are on a GoDaddy, Hostgator, or BlueHost shared hosting plan? Call us today, at 484.220.1888 to speak to one of our site performance optimization expert!
  • Do you offer Responsive web design (or mobile design)? - Yes, all of our website design options automatically include "Responsive Design". We believe in 'Design once, view on multiple device, save money'! Read more about Responsive Design!
  • Why does your site looks like...well, plain? - When designing our website, we decided to focus on our users first and search engines second by providing both with a "Simple Design", clear and simple site navigation to help you easily find the content/article you were looking for. Features (Bells and Whistles) that did not serve a purpose were not implemented. Just because our site might look plain to some (but professional to others), it does not mean we can't design a feature rich website!
  • What is included in your web design price? - Every package gives you 1hr of Free initial consultation plus site backup. View SimplerWebs' web design packages and features page for more info. If you choose to purchase additional services, SimplerWebs' SEO services for example, you will receive a quotation for each service so that both parties, SimplerWebs and you, know what to expect
  • What content do I need to provide you with? - In order to start the web design project, you will need to provide us with all content, such as text, graphic, logo, banner, etc... needed to complete the design project. If you live outside Reading, PA, then you can provide us with your content via email! If you are providing text type content, we recommend that you either copy and paste the content (not images, etc) into the email body or send it as an attachment in a .txt format (preferably not a word document). for images, we recommend using .png or .jpg (depending on the type of image). As far as the logo, we recommend sending it in an Adobe Illustrator format so we can easily change the logo dimensions, if needed, without affecting the quality. Still not sure? call us at 484-220-1888 and we will be happy to help you choose the right format for your site!
  • How long will the web design project take? - Well that depends on you and the complexity of the website design project! Our Starter web design package can take 5 business days or less, depending on when and how we receive the content and if there is any adjustments/changes needed that were not foreseen in the initial consultation
  • How much is the required down payment? - To start working on the web design project, we require a 50% deposit which is the norm with every web design company.
  • Where will the site be hosted during the design phase? - During the web design phase, your site will be hosted on our server. You will be able to view your website and request changes to be made! Once the site design is complete, you get to view your website and request further tweaks, if needed. Once you are happy with the design, site performance and tested the features you request, we will send you an approval form, or email with the request to move the site to your desired hosting company, or SimplerWebs' server. Once you have made payment on all balance due, your site will be set to 'LIVE' mode!
  • What payment options do you offer? - We accept money order, all major credit card (payment is made through PayPal) and cash. Please note that you do receive an invoice/receipt for every and each type of payment!
  • Cheaper web design are available somewhere else! - We all want to save money but, sometimes, when we pay dirt cheap for a web design project, it might end up costing us more than the listed price. Call 484.220.1888 for more info about the hidden cost/fees of a so called 'cheap site design'
  • Can I maintain my website once launched? - Yes you can! Once your site is LIVE and full payment has been made and cleared, we will hand it over to you and we give you 1hr of free training to help you add article or edit existing one, upload images and replace old one with the one you just upload.
  • Do you offer website maintenance? - Yes we do! For a nominal monthly fee, we can maintain and update your website for you so that you may focus on running your business
  • How does the web design process works? - We have a very simply design process! Once you choose to have to have us design your website and you sign the design contract, we'll schedule a consultation, either via phone or in person (depending on your location), and we discuss your needs, desired layout and colors. Once we receive your go ahead, we start working on your website on our own server where you'll get to see the site progress and give us feedback or ask for changes. Once the site is complete, full payment of the balance will be due and once the payment has been cleared, your site will be moved to your desired server, or be hosted with us, and set to 'LIVE' for everyone to see.
  • Do I own the website once it's done? - Yes you do once the full payment has been made and the check has been cleared
  • Do you outsource some work? - Simply put, NO!
  • How much experience does SimplerWebs has in web design? - Our web design experience goes as far back as the 1990s when the Internet was young and notepad was used to write HTML
  • What kind of business you design for? - We like to focus on small to mid-sized businesses. This does not mean we can't handle big companies but we just prefer helping small business owners, like yourself, attain a web presence and promote their business for a lot less than what other web design and marketing companies charge!
  • Do you use Templates? - Yes and No! We leave that up to you! You have the choice of having one designed from scratch or use one of our professional responsive templates! Please note that creating a custom template from scratch is time consuming and can be expensive! If the Client purchases one of our professional templates, it can be customized to the Client's needs and business theme.
  • How will my website look? - Your website will look anyway you want it to look. Imagine it and we will build it! Remember that the most important part in a business website is providing your would be customers with simple navigation, quality content that is easy to digest
  • Is your design SEO optimized? - Yes! What we mean by that is that if you choose to use one of our professional templates, it will be SEO friendly! Meaning that it will alreay have codes that are optimized for SEO. Please note that web design and SEO are two totally different service and you can't have one without the other and expect to have a successful website. See 'SEO FAQs' below for more information about our SEO - Search engine optimization services!
  • Do you offer search engine optimization services? - Please see the below 'SEO FAQ' section


  • What is SEO? - SEO, which stands for "Search Engine Optimization" is the process of optimizing your website for users and search engines using, preferably Organic SEO techniques in order to achieve high ranking in the search engines search result pages (SERPs). For more information about SimplerWebs' SEO services, call us today at 484-220-1888 and one of our SEO experts will answer your all your search engine optimization questions!
  • What is SEM? - SEM, which stands for "Search Engine Marketing" is the process or marketing your business using combined marketing techniques such as SEO to increase your site's visibility, promoting your business through social media sites and advertising tools such as email marketing and other advertising tools available!
  • Does your web design include SEO? - No! Our web design services does not automatically include SEO, or SEM - Search engine marketing! Those are different services we offer (like other web design and SEO companies in Reading, PA and U.S.)!
  • Do you offer search engine optimization services - SEO? - Yes we do! Please visit our 'professional SEO by SimplerWebs', or SimplerWebs' SEO packages pages for more info about our search engine optimization services!
  • Why hire SimplerWebs as your SEO company? - We provide professional SEO services for LESS! View more reasons why you should choose us for your SEO needs
  • Do you guarantee high ranking? - No! Unless the SEO company is Google (if using Google as your preferred search engine), or actually knows Google algorithm secrets, no one can guarantee #1 spot on the search engines result pages (SERPs) except God! If by any chance someone tells you that they can guarantee top ranking in a week or a month, then we recommend that you hangup and call another SEO company instead.
  • Do you use "Black Hat SEO"? - No! At SimplerWebs, we do not use, believe in nor recommend the use of "Black Hat SEO" techniques, or unethical tactics to promote your site with search engines! Note - If you hire a 'Black Hat SEO Company" to promote your site, you might see your website trending towards the top of the search engines within a week or so but remember this, the sooner it goes up, the sooner it will go down, or even get banned and removed from the index! Do you really want to risk that? We are sure you don't!
  • What SEO techniques do you use? - Again, SimplerWebs believes in using only "White Hat SEO Techniques" to promote your website!
  • Do you prefer using Organic SEO or Pay Per Click (PPC) - The choice of using Organic SEO or Pay Per Click will depend on you and your budget! On all of the websites we optimized for search engines, only Organic SEO techniques were used and we got good results while saving the clients money!
  • Do you outsource your SEO services? - No we don't! You can rest assured that our search engine optimization service are 'Made in America'
  • Can you optimize my existing website? - Yes we can! Just call us at 484.220.1888 to speak to one of our SEO experts
  • Why is my site not receiving traffic? - There might be a lot of factors preventing traffic to your site! The reasons you are not seeing any traffic to your website could be;
    • You might have your site set to 'No Index, No Follow'
    • You might be targeting the wrong keyword, or keyword phrase
    • Your site is new and has not yet been indexed by the search engines
    • Your site is not properly optimized
    • Your site might be banned (Check your search engine's webmaster tool)
    • You site might be taken too long to load, therefore not being listed on the first, second or third page of the SERPs

Again, there might be multiple reasons as to why your site might not be indexed and SimplerWebs' Free or full fledged SEO audit can help pinpoint the problems!

  • My business is small, do I still need SEO? - No matter how small your business is, you still need SEO! Don't you want to attract more customers and help your business Grow? Even if you are not interested in attracting more customers, you should at least optimized your website, using SEO, to at least provide some information about your business! Read our "Why your small business needs SEO" article to find out why you need SEO!

Social Media FAQs

  • What is Social Media? - Social media allows people and businesses create and share information, or anything that might be deemed interesting to the viewer!
  • What is Social Media Marketing? - Social media marketing is a technique used to gain website traffic or popularity through social media sites.
  • What are Social Media Sites? - There are too many social media sites to list them all but the most popular social sites are (Visit eBizMBA for a more detailed list);
    • Facebook - 900,000,000 estimated monthly visitors
    • Twitter - 310,000,000 estimated monthly visitors
    • LinkedIn - 255,000,000 estimated monthly visitors
    • Pinterest - 250,000,000 estimated monthly visitors
    • Google Plus+ - 120,000,000 estimated monthly visitors
    • Tumblr - 110,000,000
  • Do I need Social Media? - Yes you do! You need to actively participate in social media sites such as the ones listed above just for the simple reason that you customers are using social sites! Please note that social networking is one of the many techniques businesses are using to reach out to their existing customers and potential future clients! The questions is, why wouldn't want to use something that is totally free and that can boost your business engagement with your customers and increase revenue? Remember the saying 'nothing is free!"? Well, with social media sites, you get a lot of everything for nothing!
  • But my business is small! - It does not matter whether your business is small or large! Social media is here to stay and using social media sites to improve your site's image, boost brand and increase revenue is the only way to go!  "If you don't go along today, you will be left behind tomorrow!" - By SimplerWebs

Miscellaneous FAQ

We hope that this FAQs page answered questions about our web design, SEO and social media marketing questions. If you have a question that this FAQ page does not answer, please ask your question using our contact form and choosing 'FAQ' as the subject! We will be more than happy to answer your question and add it to our FAQ page!

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to receiving your questions and help you with your web design and search engine optimization needs!