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Copywriting by SimplerWebs of Reading, PAWe offer professional copywriting services that will engage your readers, and convert them into customers, for less! Having an esthetically and visually pleasing website riddled with bells and whistles won't help your online business succeed if your site lacks great content.

The importance of a great copywrite!

Creating a Google-friendly site to help your visitors easily and quickly find what they are looking for is not enough! You also have to provide high-quality copywrite that is relevant and engages your readers to act!

Starting in 2013, offering good and informative content has been a high priority and extremely important to Google and your readers!

Say it Clearly and make sense

Writing 2000 words article with content that does not make sense will serve no purpose and brings you nothing but 2000th spot on Google's search result page!

Make your copy clear and concise!

That is why you need to hire a professional copywriter that can create clear and concise copy for your website! Good content writing will make your readers, and the search engines, happy!

A good copywriter will make both, the search engines and your readers, wanting more and will reward you for giving them exactly what they wanted and came to your site for!

Copywriting features and pricing

Up to 2 days processing time
350 - 400 Word count
SEO Optimized
2 - 3 Keyword frequency
Up to 2 days processing time
400 - 600 Word count
SEO Optimized
3 - 6 Keyword frequency
Up to 2 days processing time
600 - 800 Word count
SEO Optimized
3 - 6 Keyword frequency
Up to 2 days processing time
800 - 1000 Word count
SEO Optimized
6 - 9 Keyword frequency

Why hire us as your copywriter?

Companies offering copywriting services are popping up all over the internet faster than we can spell 'copy write' but unfortunately, the quality of the content still remains poor!

More on why you should hire us as your copywriter? (Click me to find out!)

When hiring us as your copywriting company, you will get to enjoy the following benefits;

  • Professional copywriting for less
  • U.S. based content writing services
  • SEO experience and copy write skills combined
  • Content that Engages your readers
  • Content that converts visitors into customers
  • Attract search engines attention
  • Automatically build inbound links
  • and much more...

Is content King?

"Content is King" quote has been around the Internet for years but unfortunately, its true meaning has been lost due to its over use by the so called 'copywriter'

At SimplerWebs, we believe that only quality content is king and anything else is just a bunch of words put together and glued on a piece of paper and trying to passe it as quality copywrite!

Quality copywriting

Offering quality copy write (good content) to your visitors is very important to the success of your website, brand and business! And because Google started (in 2013) to rank websites based on the quality of their content, you have to deliver good quality content that is relevant and engaging for humans and not just for search engines!

If you are looking for quality content that is optimized for search engines and engages your readers to act or come back for more, we can help! Just call us at 484-220-1888 to speak to one of our experienced copywriter and for more information about our professional copywriting services!

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