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The Difference between the two

Web Design and Web Development are two terms used interchangeably but the meaning of one is different from the other.

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Improve visibility and boost ranking with SEO

why your small business needs seoSome business owners believe that, because their business is small, it does not need SEO! One thing to remember is that your competition is doing SEO and because of that, you really can't afford to throw SEO out the window!

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A Less but Beautiful Design

Is minimalist design more than meets the eyes? Well, in our humble opinion, it is! When thinking of building a website to represent your brick and mortar business, you have two choices:

  • Build a website that is simple yet user-friendly to help customers find and purchase your product quickly,
  • Or design a website that has all the bells and whistles that serve to your customers, nor your business.
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Creating a useful custom error page

404 error pageFirst and foremost, you should avoid serving 404 error page to your visitors, customers and potential clients, but unfortunately, you can't stop someone from typing (or copying and pasting) the wrong URL. But just in case you need to, we recommend using a custom 404 error page instead of the default.

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Improve you ranking, for a long term, using White Hat SEO techniques

White Hat SEO techniquesWant to know how White Hat SEO can improve your site's ranking on all of the major search engines result pages like Google and Bing, and for a long term? Read on to find out!

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