Wix SEO review - Is Wix SEO friendly?

Want to know whether Wix is SEO-Friendly before you start your Wix website? Then this post/review about whether Wix website builder is good for SEO or not will help you decide and make a wise decision.

Some will claim that their Wix website is SEO friendly and they will even show you some screenshots, or a YouTube video to try to persuade you that their Wix website achieved top ranking on Google, Bing, and maybe even Yahoo but what they don't tell you, or show you is that their top ranking is for local search, which is actually not too difficult to achieve, to be honest with you.

Plus, they forget to mention, either on purpose, or because they don't fully understand that there is more to SEO than just having great and unique content, implementing all the important meta tags the right way, and call it a day. - We are talking about Technical SEO.

If you find an article, or a YouTube video claiming that Wix is good for SEO, I recommend that you note the domain name, fire up your favorite browser, head over GTMetrix, enter the domain URL, and click on 'Analyze'. You will be presented with a detailed report showing Technical SEO problems the website might be facing.

Note - This is a long read, so I recommend you grab a large cup of coffee (or your favorite drink), with a large piece of Tiramisu) before continuing!

Before I start, I want you to know that this review is not about whether Wix is a good site builder or not, or if you can implement On-page SEO on your Wix website, but it's about whether Wix websites are SEO friendly (Technical SEO) or not.

However, if you still want to learn about whether Wix will help you create a professional website without prior web design knowledge and experience, or having to learn any coding, then I believe Wix (and many other site builders) can help you.

But if achieving GoogleDom is important to your business, then I recommend you stick around and read this Wix SEO review. Why? Because it contains important information about your Wix website and the Technical SEO problems it is facing.

Can you fix your Wix website technical SEO problems? No you can't because you don't have access to important files (no cPanel or FTP access) to make the required changes and fix those problems.

This review will help you learn more about Wix and its SEO shortcomings, and

  • Whether WIX site builder is search engine friendly or not
  • If having a Wix website will boost your ranking, or hinder your SEO campaign and push your website to the bottomless pit of the search engine result pages (SERPs)
  • Whether choosing Wix to design your website was the right choice, or Not

Now it's time to talk a little bit about Wix and whether it can help you create a stunning website before we get into Wix SEO and find out if your future Wix website for your small business will be search engine friendly, fast, and whether it will actually boost your search ranking or not.


WIX is a cloud based proprietary site builder used by millions around the world. According to some of Wix website owners, WIX site builder is easy to learn, use, and offers many features to help someone, with no prior web development skills or coding knowledge, design a website for their small business. 

If having a professional website to showcase your products or services and search engine optimization is not a high priority (because you believe word of mouth advertising is enough to promote your business), then I can say that WIX might be a good fit for you.

However, if search engine optimization (SEO) is as important to you as having a professional presence, then you need to look at WIX from its SEO capabilities (or inabilities) point of view.


When you first visit, you will be greeted with a Wix statement. Their statement is that by using Wix, you will have a stunning website using advanced technology! To be honest, that statement is not far fetched if having an online presence is your only important goal.

But the question I want to ask you is - Should you base your business success solely on esthetics and all the bells and whistles WIX can offer you?, or base it on having a professional website that is fast (especially for your mobile users), and is user and search engine friendly?

I believe that if you want to have a successful online presence, increase sales and grow your business, you should make the following criteria the focal points

  • Present a professionally designed website
  • Offer a fast website for your users and search engines
  • Provide exceptional user experience (UX)
  • Offer great content for your readers and search engines

instead of focusing on just having a website riddled with all the bells and whistles that serve no purpose but cripple your site's speed. Remember, a slow website will lead to high bouncing and poor conversion rates.


When accessing WIX SEO page options, only a couple of choices were available. Such as

  • SEO Status - An On/Off button to either allow search engines to include your site in search results or not
  • SEO Title, Descriptions & Keyword - This is supposedly to help search engines rank your site higher when providing page title, descriptions and keyword

In their SEO options, WIX states that it has more advanced SEO settings (through their editor) to help WIX users who love to be technically challenged (stated by WIX and not me), such as 'Header Code - Meta Tags' option to help you use social network and site analytic tools.

The codes that can be added to the header, according to WIX, are codes for Google Console (formerly known as 'Google Webmaster Tools', Bing Webmaster Tools, Twitter Cards, Pinterest Verification and more.

Since WIX offers an SEO Wizard. I decided to take the wizard for a spin. Upon starting the wizard, I was presented with their SEO Wizard & Monitoring tool (supposedly a step-by-step guide to help improve your site's SEO) with the following 3 options:

  • Choose a site: This is where you get to choose a site if you have multiple sites, and since we only had one site, it was selected by default
  • Insert Search Phrase: This is where you get to enter a search phrase you want people to find you for in Google
  • Run a report: A button called 'Get Report'. We added a search phrase and clicked on the 'Get Report' button.

Wix's SEO reports comes in two different flavors - A Homepage Report, and a Full Site Report. 

Wix's Homepage SEO Report

The Homepage SEO report section shows the following On-page SEO settings with their respective score

  • Title: Shows you how you did with your page title. It tells you whether your title has the correct length and whether it includes your search phrase you are targeting
  • Page Content: It tells you whether your targeted search phrase appears in your content or not
  • Image Name: It tells you how many images were found in your homepage, and whether the image name contains your targeted search phrase or not.

Wix's Full Site SEO Report

The full site SEO report provides you with the following information about your home page

  • Text Quantity: The length of your web copy and nothing more. For our content, it gave us a green check mark for 839 words
  • Unique Titles: It tells you whether your website have unique titles
  • Unique Descriptions: It tells you whether all your pages have unique descriptions

Click here for more on 'Wix SEO'


I have to ask - Did you build a Wix website? If you did, then let me be the first (and I know I am not) to congratulate you for at least taking that first step of building a website all by yourself.

And since I am still in my asking questions mood, let me throw a couple more at you.

  • Are you thinking about SEO and implementing a search marketing campaign in the near future (let's say tomorrow)?, and if so
  • Did you research Wix to find out about its SEO capabilities (or inabilities) before building your Wix website?

The reason I am asking is because there is more to having a successful business than just having a stunning website! To be successful, your website has to meet the following requirements:

  • Technical SEO - This is where you select the right hosting company that offers optimal hardware and software setup, and the right platform that does not hinder your site's speed. Unfortunately, this is where Wix fails
  • On-Page SEO - This is where you get to implement on-page SEO techniques, and offer great copy (great article)

Now, let us find out, together shall we, if all that hard work you did in designing your first website using Wix will get it indexed, achieve high ranking and bring customers, in hordes, to your Wix website, or be the cause of your business demise.


Like I mentioned earlier, you've build a WIX website and possibly have some indexability issue and you are not sure what to do. Well, we know that many WIX websites had, and possibly still have, indexability problems and this is due to WIX being an AJAX based platform.

But for a moment, let us assume you don't have that problem, and you want to improve your WIX SEO. Follow these easy steps

  • Login to your website and select the page you want to optimize
  • Click on the gear and choose 'Page SEO' from the pop-up window
  • You will then be presented with something that looks like the screen below
  • Page Title: Write a good title using your targeted keyword and make the title enticing. Make sure your title doesn't exceed 64 Characters
  • Page Description: Again, use your keyword but make sure that the description reads naturally, free of typos and grammar, has a good Call to Action and does not exceed 150 character
  • Keyword: You can enter your keyword there. We usually don't bother for it is no longer a ranking factor, plus, your competition might use the meta keyword tag against you
  • Hide this page from search results: This is another way for WIX to say 'No Index, No Follow'

Image of Wix SEO page settings


Having a stunning Wix website, with all the bells and whistles, does not make a successful business! The success of your small business will depend on the following important parts that need to work together, in harmony. If one part is missing, or is not working properly with the other parts, than chances of your business being successful are very slim. Those important parts are:


Many business owners either forget, or are not aware that hosting is an important part to the success of their SEO campaign and of their business. If you choose a cheap hosting, your business website will be hosted on a server with cheap hardware, and will lack important features, like Memcache. Do you know that your web hosting could be affecting your SEO?


Just like hosting, choosing the right design platform is very import important, but this is also something that is unfortunately not well thought of. Site builders might be easy to use and can give you a great looking website within minutes (I know, it takes much longer to design a professional website), but remember, you will be limited to what you can do as far as SEO is concerned. Don't worry, I'll get into that later on in this article review


When I talk about SEO, I am referring to the Technical and On-Page SEO techniques you can implement to help improve your site's speed, increase its indexability and ranking, and boost your conversion, and not just about On-page SEO.

WIX does offer options that can help you optimize your WIX pages for search engines, but unfortunately, they are very limited and very basic and only deals with On-Page search engine optimization techniques.

But what about Wix and Technical SEO? Well, you are out of luck because! When it comes to optimizing other important files of your website, like CSS, JavaScript, htaccess and robots.txt files for example, to fully take advantage of SEO capabilities, those important options are MIA. More about this topic later!


I am aware that there are many websites that have reviewed WIX but those reviews are mostly about WIX as a site builder, and not a full review on WIX and its SEO capabilities, or inabilities.

There is even an article titled 'Myth Busting: 9 Interesting Facts About WIX SEO' written on April 30th, 2015. What's funny about that article is, you guessed it, it is on WIX's own blog - And because of that, I strongly believe the writer is very biased in his WIX SEO myth busting article. 


Let me now take that article and give my own opinion to the writer's myth busting responses. Why? Because I submitted my comments but I haven't seen them published yet. Might comments might be forever MIA.

Why do you think my comments have not been published you may ask? Well, would you post a comments that goes against your myth busting article? Of course not. Still, I encourage you to visit the above link and read the article before continuing reading.

Let's start - Shall we?


I will have to disagree with the writer's statement that search engines don't see any difference between one site builder and another. If that is the case, then why many WIX websites are having problems with their site/pages being indexed, and not others? Remember, WIX is based on AJAX (JavaScript) and Ajax is not good for SEO


Stating that 'WIX adding tags, your website is in safe hands' is not a remedy to WIX' SEO problems - Especially Technical SEO. The writer is talking about tags for products name, prices, and so on, but what about non-eCommerce websites?


The writer states that your website URL plays no part in SEO! Even though search engines, like Google and Bing have come a long way in handling URLs, it does not means you should not make it easier for them. Plus, you have to think of your users. I believe that the easier the URL is for your users, the easier it will be for search engines. Also, using your targeted keyword in your URL is still a good idea but as long as the URL is short and not two miles long.

And what about those Hanshbang? For this, I recommend reading Thorvic's answer to #! (Hashbang) and Google SEO (


The writer states that even though your WIX website is build on JavaScript (Ajax Crawling), it is completely readable by any crawling bot. What the writer forgot to mention is that, in October 14, 2015, Google had announced its discontinued support for its Ajax Crawling Scheme because their systems weren't able to render and understand any page that uses JavaScript in order to present the content to users.

Does this mean your site won't be indexed? No - Google states that as long as you are not blocking their Googlebot from crawling your JavaScript and CSS based website, they are able to index your pages.

Note that there are a lot of WIX website owners still complaining about getting their site indexed by Google!


The writer states, one more time, that search engines have no favorite when it comes to site builders. Nobody ever said that there was a Google favorite site builder out there. The writer goes on by stating that it does not matter whether you are a techie or not, your site still has a chance of being on Google side!

Sorry but having a chance of getting your Wix website indexed by Google is not and should not be enough to have a successful website. Don't you want 100% chances of getting your site indexed, or just a chance?

My answer to his myth #5 is that your WIX website won't be able to compete with a Joomla, or a WordPress site when it comes to SEO! Why?, Because they are search engine friendly and are not based on Ajax. Plus, since they are open-source, you have access to the code if you want to.

Plus, with an open-source CMS like Joomla or WordPress, you will have FTP access to tackle any of the Technical SEO problems talks about in this Wix SEO review.


We all know that a blog is good for SEO but the blog doesn't have to be a WIX based blog to be successful. What is important when it comes to Blog is the content, and that content has to be of good quality, be within the topic of the site's niche, serves a purpose such as helping and answering someone's question, or provide great information on a topic while still making sure the article doesn't take forever to load.


The writer states that they've become so speed obsessed that their average WIX website loads within 2 seconds than other websites. Well, I have to disagree with the writer because, of all the WIX websites I tested for speed, none of them came close to loading within 3 seconds or less. Look at the mobile speed result shown in the screenshot below.

Let us, for moment, assume that the sites I tested did not have their images optimized before they were uploaded and used. What about the many JavaScript files (and I am not talking about 1, 2, or 5) being loaded to display the content to users?


The writer, I believe, talks about WIX website being mobile friendly, with regards to being responsive, and if that is the case, then the writer is correct! However, There is more to a website being mobile friendly than just passing the 'Mobile Friendliness' test. 

As far as I am concerned, in order for the website to be labeled 'Mobile Friendly', it has to pass both tests, 'mobile friendliness, and the 'mobile speed' tests. Because to me, if a website takes forever to load on a mobile device, it is not mobile-friendly.

I run a speed test, on the free Wix website I created, using the mobile website speed testing tool provided by Google (, and the results are as follow

Image of Wix site test result using Google mobile website speed testing tool


  • Mobile Friendliness (96/100) - The free WIX website did not have the viewport configured. That was the only problem with out free Wix website. You might think that 96/100 is a good score, but to me, it can be improved by properly configuring the viewport
  • Mobile Speed (52/100) - The free WIX site had problems with 1) 'Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content, and 2) images need to be optimized for speed (reduce the image file size). Other problems the test recommended me to fix are A) Prioritize visible content, B) Minify JavaScript, and C) Leverage browser caching
  • Desktop Speed (74/100) - For the Desktop speed, I needed to work on Eliminating render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content. Plus, Google test recommended that we fix the following issues: 1) Optimize images, 2) Minify JavaScript, 3) Prioritize visible content, and 4) Leverage browser caching

But how can I fix those problems if I don't have FTP access?


The write states that if you've added the information about the image in the Alt tag, like a good SEO scholar (yes, that is the term the writer used), then your image will appear on search engine result pages (SERPs). I agree with this statement, but what the writer forgot to mention is that the Title of the image, plus adding your targeted keyword to the image filename are also good practices when it comes to On-page SEO.

For example, the image I used at the beginning of this article is named accordingly (please let me know if you disagree). I have included the following meta tags information:

  • Image file name: Wix-SEO.png
  • Image title: Wix SEO Review article by SimplerWebs
  • Image Alt tag: Wix SEO review - Is Wix SEO friendly?

Again, naming the image as WIX-SEO is better than naming it image0001.png


In order to test WIX SEO capabilities (or its inabilities) and write a review, I created a free WIX website (see above). Using ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), the setup was easy but not fast. It took several minutes, on my MAC using an Ethernet and a broadband cable connection. Still, I believe the setup would be easy for a non-geek.

Note - I went with the default settings for the newly created free WIX site and used all the default images and whatever else WIX offered.

For my actual speed and technical SEO test, I used GTMetrix, a well known and dependable testing tool used by many SEO Aficionados to check their site for any technical issues.

I recommend that you check some online reviews about Wix and search engines, and when you are done, come back and continue reading the review.

Why am I sending you to another site to check for reviews? Well, because I don't think your decision of whether Wix is the right fit for you and your business be based on my review alone, but instead, it should also be based on other trusted and unbiased resources.

Plus, I believe coming back to finish reading this review will not hurt you, nor hurt your business a bit. To the contrary! Once you've finished reading this Wix and SEO review, you will be armed with information I believe will help you make a sound decision that will make your business a successful one.


As previously mentioned, WIX is a good site builder (like many others) for a non-geek to design a website and move their brick-and-mortar business to the world wide web.

But when it comes to SEO (On-page and Technical SEO), it just can't beat the capabilities of many open-source CMSs (Content Management Systems) like Joomla, WordPress, Magento (for eCommerce) and many more.


  • FREE website - WIX also offers the free website option so you can take it for a test drive and if it meets your business needs, you can upgrade to their premium plan
  • ADI - For the initial website setup, you can use ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) to design your WIX based website
  • Ease of use - Is WIX easy to use? Yes! You don't need any coding knowledge or prior web design experience to design a website for your small business
  • Templates - WIX offers already pre-made professional templates to choose from, or create a custom design to fit your needs
  • Drag & Drop - For non-geeks, this is a very good feature to help you create your first website. You can choose anything they have (images, sliders, and so on), click on what you want, drag and position it anywhere you want
  • Support - Some praise WIX support (help buttons available everywhere) but when I called to inquire about WIX SEO features, our experience, unfortunately was not that great.


  • Can't switch template - Even though WIX offers over a hundred of pre-made professional templates, I recommend that you look at as many as you can, take each one for a test drive (this might take some time) and choose the one you believe will fit your needs. Why? Well, because once you choose a template and start designing your WIX website, you can't switch to another template at a later time
  • Can't take it with you - Like many other site builders, you cannot pack up your site and move to another host. I cannot give a poor score on this because some site builders do face similar problem
  • Speed - I tested many WIX based websites, using GTMetrix, Pingdom, and Webpagetest and the speed of each website was not on par with Google speed recommendation of 3s or less
  • WIX SEO options - WIX does offer some SEO options but they are your very basic On-page SEO features, such as page title, meta description and keyword tags. Plus, there is an option to tell the search bots to either index or not index your page through a check box called 'Hide this page from search results'. I talked about WIX back end SEO page option above
  • Parallax option - WIX does offer the option to build a 1-page landing page called 'Parallax design' - This design trend might make your site look stunning and intuitive ,but is actually bad for SEO
  • Limited eCommerce features - WIX does offer eCommerce tools and, yes, they are better than most available site builders. But the downside - Wix's eCommerce tools are not as advanced as Magento, for example.


  • Not an open-source platform - WIX is a proprietary online site builder and not an open source, those you can take your Wix website with you. If you want to move your website to another hosting, for example, and not loose your hard work and great content, you are out of luck
  • Slow - WIX might be user friendly, but it is sluggish (at least during my testing). When I tried to edit the home page with new content and work on the On-page SEO, it took almost 30 seconds for the page to load (again, I am still on a Cable connection). I can honestly say that the slowest snail would have no problem outrunning WIX in a speed race
  • JavaScript based - WIX heavily depends on Ajax/JavaScript to work the way it is meant to work using XHTML for its content, and CSS (cascading style sheets) for its esthetics
  • FTP - WIX lacks FTP access, therefore, you won't be able to fix any technical issues your site might be experiencing
  • rel=canonical tags - WIX pages use rel=canonical tags which make the page loose its authority. So if you rely on your website to earn money, your WIX website can hinder your ability to increase the number of leads
  • Indexability problems - As of 3-5-2016, John Mueller of Google recommended to avoid the use of AJAX-Crawling scheme(for JavaScript sites like WIX) and to consider to migrate old website to other platform that don't use such scheme


 If you are looking for a site builder that will easily help you design a website, for your personal use or your business, then WIX is one, from many, website builder you can use.

But if speed and improving your site's ranking, with major search engines, are as important to you as having a great looking website, then WIX has very basic On-page SEO features.

In my opinion, WIX has many technical SEO problems that you can't fix because you won't have access to important files, like the HTML, htaccess and robots.txt file via FTP. WIX does not offer FTP access and I was told it was due to security issues. What a lame excuse in my opinion.


  •  FREE website - You can have a free website for your small business (but with limited features)
  • Ease of use - You don't need any coding knowledge, nor web design experience
  • ADI - During the initial setup, we decided to try ADI - their AI (Artificial Intelligence). The WIX setup was easy enough
  • SEO page settings - At least, WIX has some very basic SEO settings


  • Not an Open-Source platform - WIX is a proprietary online site builder and not an open source. If you want to move your website to another hosting and not loose your hard work and great content, you are out of luck.
  • Slow - WIX might be user friendly sluggish (at least during my testing). When I tried to edit the home page with new content and work on the On-page SEO part, it took almost 30 seconds for the page to load (I am on a Cable connection). I can honestly say that the slowest snail would have no problem outrunning WIX in a speed race
  • JavaScript - WIX heavily depends on Ajax/JavaScript to work the way it is meant to work, XHTML for its content, and CSS (cascading style sheets) for its esthetics
  • FTP - WIX lacks FTP access. In order to take advantage of SEO capabilities, you will need access to some files located in the root of your website. Files like Robots.txt and htaccess.
  • rel=canonical tags - WIX pages use rel=canonical tags which make the page loose its authority. So if you rely on your website to earn money, your WIX website can hinder your ability to increase the number of leads
  • Indexability problems - As of 3-5-2016, John Mueller of Google recommended to avoid the use of AJAX-Crawling scheme(for JavaScript sites like WIX) and to consider to migrate old website to other platform that don't use such scheme


Again, for someone who never designed a website previously and wants to get his/her feet wet and have a beautiful and interactive website, then WIX might be an option for you (from many other site builders).

But if you want to take your small business to the next level, the level of optimizing your website for search engines and boost search ranking, then we recommend that you look for an open source and SEO friendly platform to design your website, or contact a local web design company that is also versed in SEO, and seek their help. Doing so might not be free but at least you will end up with an SEO friendly website, and one that you can take with you if you decide to move!


Again, there is more to having a successful website than just a stunning design and on-page SEO. When I perform a site audit, looking for technical SEO problems are extremely important to me, and not just how professional the website is and how expensive, or cheap it was to design. To me, the look and cost will not boost my ranking, nor bring targeted customers to my site, but a responsive design, with speed in mind, and great content will.

Note that if your site is not fully SEO compliant, your competitor will use your site's SEO problems to his/her advantage and use your disadvantage to help him/her website rank higher than you, and end up taking all your customers. Is that what you want? I didn't think so!

Technical SEO is more about implementing technical search engine tweaks than just On-page SEO techniques. If done properly, your website will see a speed and ranking improvements.


I used the good old and trusted GTmetrix to run a test on the free WIX website and the results are below.

WIX test website GTMetrix report

Image of a GTmetrix performance report for a wix website

As you can see from the above image, the free WIX website I created to test for technical SEO issues did not get a good score from the GTMetrix tool. The free website site got a PageSpeed Score of C (79%), and a YSlow Score of D(63%). So where is that 'obsessed with speed' the writer was talking about

  • Page Load Time - Now who is going to wait 8.8 seconds for the main page to load? No one! You will see below why my WIX site took 8.8s to load
  • Total Page Size - For me, a page that is 1.58MB in size is huge. Our site, has more content but got a much better scorecard
  • Requests - Requests are the amount of trips (back and forth) needed to load the content of that specific page. For me, 130 request is quite a lot

Latest GTMetrix Performance Report - Tested on August 26th, 2016

Image of the latest GTMetrix performance report for 8 26 2016

My free Wix website had the following technical SEO issues

I will only mention the technical SEO issues my free Wix website is experiencing - Because I believe they are important to SEO, the should be fixed, but guess what, beside optimizing the images, there is nothing I can do to fix the rest of the problems.


My WIX test site had 3 resources, with identical contents, that were served from different URLs. Note: It's important to serve a resource from a unique URL, to eliminate duplicate download bytes and additional RTTs. However, there are some exceptions where it just impossible, or require too much work to implement and update on a daily basis, like analytics.js


My WIX test website had 9 images with large image size (file size). Optimizing each of the image for speed would've gave me 65% reduction, thus improving speed. I cannot blame WIX for this because I should've used images with smaller file size


Believe it or not, my WIX test website depended on 40 JavaScript files (WOW) and those files were not minified. Note that minifying the code in each JavaScript file can save many bytes of data, and help speed up page download, parsing, and their execution time.


My test site had some JavaScript that are parsed during the initial page load instead of deferring the parsing of JavaScript and reduce blocking of page rendering.

In order to load the page being visited, your visitor's browser must parse the contents of all <script> tags, which adds additional time to the page load, thus making the page slow. It is always a good either to parse any JavaScript after all other page content have been executed and download, and not during the initial page load.


My test site has some external resources with small response bodies and in-lining small external JavaScript files can save the overhead of fetching these small files.


My test site had two external CSS files that were included after an external JavaScript file. In order to ensure parallel download of CSS files, you should always include any external CSS files before any JavaScript files. Note - JavaScript files should be loaded last!


The free Wix website I setup had a Google Analytics JavaScript file with a 2 hours cache. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about that except to host the analytics.js on your website while making sure it is updated on a daily basis.

But unfortunately, you can't do this with any site builder because most of them do not offer FTP access. So goodbye site builders, and welcome open-source platform  and FTP access.


The free test site I setup using Wix had 12 CSS files that were not minified. Minifying a CSS file is the process of compacting the CSS code (removing all white spaces and comments) in order to save many bytes of data and speed up the download, parsing, and execution time of the said CSS file.

Again, unfortunately, Wix does not offer FTP access, so you can say goodbye to being able to minify JavaScript and CSS files


The test site had images with missing dimensions (width and height attributes). Note - Adding the image dimensions can be good or bad if done incorrectly.

If you plan to continue having a responsive website, it is not recommended to add the dimensions for the images if the image width and height are too large to fit screen of the smart device being used.

What you can do is save your images in the right width and height that you know will fit the screen view of the intended device. this way, you can still add the image dimensions and keep the design response.


My WIX test site had one resource that was missing a cache validator. Note  - Resources that do not specify a cache validator will not be refreshed efficiently. Unfortunately, no FTP access, no can do!


The test site had 9 JavaScript and CSS total resources that were not Gzip enabled. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about that because, (drum roll please), Fix goes not give you cPanel nor FTP access.


This is the same as Minifying CSS and JavaScript - Again, you'll have no access to FTP, nor to the JavaScript and CSS files


The test site had one resource with character set that were not specified in the HTTP header. Setting the character set at the server level reduces browser processing, and because you'll have no FTP access, there is nothing you can do


My WIX test site had 12 resources with no 'Vary: Accept-Encoding header. Why is this important to fix? Well, it is because bugs in some public proxies may lead to compressed versions of your resources being served to users that don't support compression.

Specifying the Vary: Accept-Encoding header instructs the proxy to store both a compressed and uncompressed version of the resource.


I wanted to pick up the phone and contact someone at WIX to have some of my important questions answered, but unfortunately, outside their help center, there was no support phone number, nor a chat option.

Google to the rescue - Like always

Google came to my rescue (as always) and provided me with the phone number (800) 600-0949. When I called them on Monday, September 5th, 2016 at 9:55 am Eastern Time, to inquire about their 'Professional SEO Tools' listed in their email (but couldn't find on their site), I got a recording stating that their customer service was closed and I can have someone call me back on Friday, Pacific Time if I wanted to.

What? You are telling me that I need to wait 4 more days to talk to someone and learn about their Professional SEO tools and their Ranking Coach?


I called WIX again, on September 15th, 2016 at 2pm and after waiting about 15 minutes, I was transferred to a representative by the name of Rosa. Rosa was professional but attempted, many times, to sell me their premium package.

I told Rosa that I will upgrade to the premium WIX package only if she answered some questions I have, and only if her answers meets my SEO needs.

I asked Rosa the following questions:

  • Me - Is WIX SEO friendly?
  • Rosa - Yes it is
  • Me - How is that?
  • Rosa - You can use our SEO tool that will allow you to write title and description for your page and then submit to the search engines
  • Me - I don't need an SEO tool to do that. Plus, your SEO tool is very limited and extremely basic
  • Rosa - Yes but it will help
  • Me - Do you offer FTP access?
  • Rosa - No
  • Me - Even on a premium account?
  • Rosa - That is correct. Even on a premium account
  • Me - Why is that?
  • Rosa - For security reasons
  • Me - Then can you tell me why I should upgrade to a Premium account?
  • Rosa - You will get more space, better support
  • Me - Do you believe WIX has Technical SEO limitations?
  • Rosa - What do you mean?
  • Me - That is when I explained to her the above limitation
  • Rosa - WIX is not for someone as advanced as you in SEO but for someone who just wants to build a website for personal or business use
  • Me - This is something we both agreed except for creating a business website

Would you like me to review your WIX website and report any technical SEO problems your site might be facing? Then

(I will be happy to audit your Wix website for technical SEO problems)

Please note that I can only review one website - So hurry and get your Wix SEO review now!

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