Will a keyword TLD boost your ranking?

Are Keywords in TLD ignored by Google ?Are you thinking of purchasing a keyword TLD (top level domain) for your new website hoping it will get you on Google's good side and boost your website ranking? Is it really a smart move? Read on and find out for yourself!

Is a keyword Top Level domain a smart move?

It is a given! We all want to achieve high ranking and are ready to employ every SEO techniques (white hat) possible to compete with the big boys and beat our competition. Some business owners do believe that having a keyword TLD (Top Level Domain) will put their website on the good side of Google, thus getting a search ranking boost.

According to a Google hangout, doing so might not be such a good move after all! John Mueller stated that the TLD, meaning keyword top level domains, like .attorney, academy, careers, directory, estate, gallery, etc, are completely ignored.

This is what John Mueller said about keyword TLDs

'John Mueller: As far as I understand, it’s pretty much completely. So the TLD is not something we take into account there.'

But what about keyword in the URL?

Again, accordingly to John Mueller in another Google hangout, John stated that keyword in the URL, while it is a ranking factor, he believes that keyword in the URL is a small ranking factor.

Here is what John Mueller said about keyword in the URL

'I believe that’s a really small ranking factor, so it’s not something I’d really try to force.  And it’s not something where I’d say it’s even worth your effort to kind of restructure a site just so you can include keywords in the URL.'

Should you focus on a keyword TLD?

We've always believed in choosing a TLD (top level domain) that people are accustomed to, such as .com because our priority focus are our users first, search engines second. If you put your users first, Google will notice and rewards you. So whenever possible, stick with a .com TLD

Should you still use keywords in the URL?

Again, according to John Mueller, keyword in the URL is a small ranking factor. This is a good theory, but if you still want to use keyword in the URL, we recommend that you choose a shorter version over a longer one.

According to John Mueller, when two URLs have the exact same content, and one URL is shorter than the other one, Google will pick (favor) the shorter version.

There are exceptions! For example, if you have a longer URL that has the same exact content with a another page that has a shorter URL and you have not implemented any canonical, Google might favor the shorter URL!

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