Boost ranking and bring targeted traffic with Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important step in in SEO - Search engine optimization. At SimplerWebs, we strongly believe in starting your website design project with keyword research before you even start designing your website. Again, we can't say it enough, keyword research is an important step to a successfull online business!

 Keyword research can break or make your online business

If you just jump in and start designing your business website without doing keyword research first, we can guarantee that your high search ranking strategy will fail and your business will not succeed. If you can, start your web development project localy using many available free tools like XAMPP or WampServer. For a web site to succeed, you have to take the following steps:

  • Think of your target audience,
  • Ask yourself whether your target audience will be local or nationwide?
  • Sit back and think about what keyword or key phrase your would be customers will enter in their favorite search engine search box,
  • Once you have completed your keyword research and created your keyword list, you have to categorise your keywords or key phrases using your favorite spreadsheet,
  • Using one of many available tools to map your website, such as Xmind, start creating your pages and make sure that you use one keyword, or key phrase for each page,
  • For each page, use the same keyword to create a page title of no more than 70 characters but 64 is much better which will guarantee that your title will be fully visible in the SERP and not be truncated,
  • Then, for the same page and using the same keyword, create a good description that matches the page content, the page title,
  • Try to create 'Call to Action' phrase in your description tag using the same keyword,
  • For the same page with the selected keyword, use a keyword synonym,
  • Use your keyword, or key phrase in your H1 heading and possibly the synonym in your H2 heading,
  • Start your paragraph with your keyword or key phrase but make sure that it is gramatically sound,
  • Disperse your keyword throughout your page but do not over do it or make it look like you are spamming,
  • Finish your content with the same keyword but preferrably written differently,
  • Audit and re-audit your page to make sure that it is free of typos and grammar errors,
  • Once satisfied, publish your page.

Start your web design project with your keyword research phase first

Again, we recommend that you start working on your website design project with keyword research, then you can design your website using free online tools like Xmind first and than start your web site development on a local machine after installing an all in one local server that will have the tools you need like Apache, Mysql, and PHP.

Once you are done, review your site and perform a site audit paying special attention to your keywords and content.

Keyword Research is Paramount to the success of your Online business