And is it difficult to learn SEO?

What is SEO - By SimplerWebsSEO stands for 'search engine optimization' and is the practice of implementing SEO techniques for the sole purpose of achieving high ranking, and bring targeted traffic to your site from organic search engine result pages (SERP)!

Do you need SEO - Search engine optimization?

If you want your site to be found on the search engine search result pages, then the answer is, YES, you need SEO!

There are other means of bringing traffic to your site, such as through social media, digital marketing, etc... but the majority of traffic from the internet is derived from search engines.

Is Search engine optimization difficult?

No, search engine optimization is not difficult to implement but you need to know how each search engine works, what are the ranking factors, and how to properly implement them? If not, you risk to getting your site listed on the 200th page of the SERP (search engine result pages), and worst, get your site banned!

But if you don't know search engine optimization - SEO, or your are not sure how to start, then we highly recommend that you seek the assistance of a trusted and affordable search engine optimization company located in your area!

SEO companies and pricing

Do a search on 'SEO company in Reading, PA' (tailor the search to your local area), using any of the popular search engines, and you will find a plethora of SEO companies offering search engine optimization services, or SEO freelancers!

SEO pricing varies from one company to another and will depend on the complexity of the task! For example, if your site got banned, then the price will increase (because the process getting your site un-banned is different and employs different steps that might take some times to achieve) in order to get you back on the search engines and on the right track

Outsourcing your SEO campaign

Because some businesses might not have an in-house SEO expert or department, or they believe that hiring an outside SEO company will be cheaper, they will look into outsourcing their SEO campaign.

We heard stories about some businesses loosing money while trying to save money! Even some of our clients got ripped off, and unfortunately, there was nothing they could do about it because the SEO company they hired was not located in the U.S., thus, filling a lawsuit, to try to get your money back, will produce no result!

Some of the U.S. business laws won't apply to some countries overseas!

Focusing on your SEO - search engine optimization campaign

Some overseas SEO companies will have hundreds of projects to work on, thus, they might not be able to focus on your SEO needs alone!

Are we saying that you should not outsource your SEO needs to other companies outside the U.S.? NO! But we recommend that you research the country before you outsource the project to an overseas SEO company.

Still want to hire an overseas SEO company?

If you really have your heart set to outsourcing your SEO campaign (and no one can change your mind) then we recommend that buy a ticket and visit that country first, get to meet the business owner in person at their office - Your search engine optimization campaign might end up being more expensive than you previously planned!

A true SEO story

What I am about to tell is a true story, I swear! We got a call from a company outside the U.S. (we are not going to mention the name of the company nor the country).

The person at the other end of the phone told us that SimplerWebs is not on the first page of Google for the keyword(s) we are targeting! The phone conversation went something like this:

Caller: Hi! I am Sam - Do you know that simplerwebs is not on first page of Google for the keyword you are targeting?

SimplerWebs: Which keyword are we targeting? - He could not answer the question

SimplerWebs: Do you know what our company is about?

Caller: Yes, you offer web design and search engine optimization services

SimplerWebs: So why are you calling us?

Caller: to get you top ranking on Google for the keyword you want to target

SimplerWebs: What keyword is SimplerWebs trying to target? - Again,  Sam was silent!

SimplerWebs: Let me ask you this! If you and I were car mechanics and I came to you offering you to fix your car for a set price, would you accept the offer?

Caller: No I would not

SimplerWebs: Can you tell me why?

Caller: Because I can fix my own car

SimplerWebs: Then why are you offering to optimize our website, SimplerWebs.com?

Caller: Hangup,

We hope that you enjoyed reading our 'What is SEO?' article and we look forward to reading your comment/feedback!



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