And should you implement Black Hat SEO techniques?

black hat seo - What is it and should you avoid it?What is Black Hat SEO? - As defined by SimplerWebs, black hat SEO is the use of unethical techniques to attract more traffic to your site. The unethical SEO tactics to deceive searchers can be but are not limited to the following:

  • Spam,
  • Keyword stuffing,
  • Page Title not matching the page content,
  • Hidden text or links
  • Deceiving visitors and search engines. Please keep in mind that using these techniques might get you number 1 spot on the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) quick but then you will quickly dissapear from the result page.

Avoid SEO companies using Black Hat tactics

Before hiring an SEO company to work on optimizing your website for search engines, ask for examples of any SEO project they worked on, then go and visit those URLs and see whether the SEO firm used Black Hat SEO or not.

You can easily check for Black Hat SEO techniques by looking at the Title page relation to the page content, see whether they are employing keyword stuffing and whether the content actually make sense when you read it, etc...

Black Hat SEO and user experience

At SimplerWebs, we tried to understand as to why some search engine optimization companies still use Black Hat SEO?. We ask the following:

  • What are they trying to achieve?
  • Are they trying to get high search ranking using unethical tactics?
  • Don't they know that, at the end, black hat SEO does not pay off.
  • Don't they care about providing good SEO service to their Clients by delivering good content and great user experience?
  • Don't they think that once you land on their site and bounce back, you will not be coming back, ever again?

But Black Hat SEO will get me listed on top of SERP!

True, the use of Black Hat SEO might get you listed on top of the search engine result pages (SERP) quickly but remember, the faster you get on top, the faster you will go down.

Also, if you employ Black Hat SEO techniques, the search engines will find out and and remove your site and send it to oblivion. Remember, black hat SEO is not worth the money nor the time!

At SimplerWebs, we do not use black hat SEO nor recommend it! So stick with ethical White SEO tactics instead even if it takes you months to achieve high ranking but once you do, it will usually be for a long run especially if you don't stop optimizing your site with great content!

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