The Difference between the two

Web Design and Web Development are two terms used interchangeably but the meaning of one is different from the other.

Web Design

Web Design is the visual design aspect of a website, whereas the web development is the inner-working of a website. To make it simple, Web Design is the front end view of a website with its aesthetics, bells and whistles to present information to the user, or visitor.

Web Development

Web Development is the programming used, such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP, etc... that helps the front-end work accordingly.

Who is a web designer?

A Web Designer is the person that uses a tool created, or developed by the web developer in order to design a website.

So in summary, a web designer is someone that

  • Focuses on your website's look and feel
  • Skilled in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Very knowledgeable about color schemes
  • Comfortable with graphic design software
  • Knows how the information should flow
  • Focuses on providing great user experience

What about the web developer?

A Web Developer is the person that actually creates, or uses other tools, such as PHP, to develop a vehicle for the web designer to use to help him/her design a website.

In short, a web developer is someone that

  • Works in the inner working of your website
  • Skilled in various programming languages such as C, PHP, Python and so forth
  • Develops your website user interface (hopefully, with your web designer)

Our conclusion:

Without them both, the web designer and the web developer, there would be no website, or there would be one but it will not be usable, or user friendly!

We like to say that you can't have one without the other! In order for the website to be successful, there should be a long lasting relationship between the two. The more one understands the other, the longer and more fruitful the relationship will be!

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Difference between Web Design and Web Development?