targeted traffic vs website traffic block article imageIn this 'Targeted traffic vs website traffic' article, we talk about the difference between targeted traffic, and just plain website traffic, or window shoppers!

Have you been approached by so called search engine optimization experts or a consultant trying to sell you their guaranteed website traffic services, or a promise to increase targeted traffic to your site and get you up to 10,000 or more visitors per month?

If you have, then we hope you said 'NO' to the offer! But if you haven't received a call or an email with that promise, we highly recommend that you read this 'targeted traffic vs website traffic' article before you get such offer!

Guaranteed website traffic scams, from alleged SEO companies (mostly from overseas companies) have been getting into our mailbox, for several months now, and they all have a common promise - A guarantee to double, even triple traffic to by up to 250%!

The old 'Build it and they will come' Paradigm

Before we explain the difference between 'Targeted traffic vs Website traffic', let's  talk a little bit about why your small business needs SEO?

Do you remember the old paradigm, or the old saying that went something like this 'Build it and they will come'? Well, whether or not this old saying still hold true or is completely false will depend whether the web design company you hired also understands what search engines are, how they work, and properly employs ethical SEO techniques to boost your website ranking and increase traffic!

If you are still engaging with customers through word of mouth, yellow pages, or the business card you hand out left and right every time you talk to someone, you are missing on two critical things here - A professional online presence and a great SEO campaign! Both have low overheads, but high ROI (return on investment)

If your services can be offered nationwide, or your products can be sold then shipped within the U.S. or anywhere in the world, you are limiting yourself to your local customers or customers within a driving distance! So does your small business needs a website, and a professional SEO campaign to drive targeted traffic from around the world? YES!

What is Website Traffic?

Simply defined by SimplerWebs, website traffic is the number of visitors, and the number of pages being visited, or viewed in a particular time! This website traffic is not limited to only bots and visitors to your website from search engines result pages (SERPs), but also through entering your website domain name directly into the address bar, or by clicking on a link from a newsletter or an email you sent!

Even though your website traffic monitor tells you that you got 100,000 visitors this month, it does not mean you should open a bottle of your favorite drink (we are not talking about beer, champagne, or any type of alcoholic beverages here, but home made tee or lemonade is also good - LOL) and start celebrating

That so called high website traffic promise (made by the so called SEO expert) won't do your website, your business, and you any good if those visitors are only window shoppers! So do you still want 100,000 of visitors per month? If so, you can do that yourself without having to pay high prices by hiring a search engine optimization company!

What is targeted traffic?

Before you can answer this question, you will need to ask yourself and answer the following questions:

  • What your business is about
  • What are you trying to promote? - A service, a product, or just content through a blog?
  • Who are you targeting? Men, Women, Children, local customers or customers within the US, and worldwide?
  • Your users intend - What are they looking for? Is it just to browse and read content, or buy a product or a service they need?
  • What design platform are you using? - Are you going to use an Open-Source CMS, like Joomla, WordPress, and so on, or proprietary site builders like Wix, Squarespace, and so on?
  • Is the chosen platform SEO friendly - And we are not talking about just the ability of handling your Meta tags, but also the ability to have access to various files such as .htaccess, Robots,txt and so on (via FTP), in order to further optimize your site for your users, and visitors?
  • Is your website responsive or mobile friendly? - According to Comscore, mobile users in the U.S. reaching 80% - So your website better be mobile friendly!

Once you have armed yourself with answers to the above questions, then you can start focusing on creating your website with content (copy write, images, videos, and so on) that target your specific audience!

But before starting to write content for your website, you need to understand your would be customers by understanding their intent and doing Keyword Research first!

Beware of guaranteed targeted traffic scammers

As we previously mentioned above, SimplerWebs's mailbox gets a lot of 'guaranteed traffic' offers (about 5 or so a day) and because we know how these scammers work, we don't fall for their scam! Some will employ unethical tactics by having friends (or employees working for that same so called SEO company) visit the website, or pages of the website, multiple times a day! These visits will show up in your website server log (log file) as visits to your site but when you dig deeper, you will notice multiple visits per day, from the same IP!

Some will even go as far as setting up a bot (software) that will request pages from your website, multiple times and on different days, and make it look like your website traffic has tremendously increased! But are those visits targeted traffic? And are you getting any return on your $250/month (Yes, they offer cheap prices to lure you in first) investment? probably not!

Before you hire a so called SEO company or freelancer, we recommend that you read our 'Guaranteed SEO Results - Can an SEO firm promise guaranteed SEO Results?' article!

You can't bring targeted traffic to your site without performing keyword research first!

You won't see targeted traffic come to your site by just having a large keyword list and choose the ones you think fit your niche and expect customers to rush in to your website and buy from you, and not your competitor, without performing keyword research first!

You first need to understand your potential customers' need, and study their intent by researching and analyzing their search queries (keywords, or keyword phrases) first! Keyword Research will help you to better understand your potentials customers and only bring targeted traffic to your site!

With all this knowledge, you can develop a better website architecture and create better content for your targeted traffic (customers that came to your site looking to buy something you offer and not just visitors that are just browsing), grow your business and increase sales!

You've brought in targeted customers! Now what?

Just because you achieved the goal of bringing targeted customers, it does not mean your job is done, or you can take a break! If you do, your competitor will see what you did, and take advantage of the break you took, and possibly come back up with a strong punch!

Just because a customer used specific queries to find you today, it does not mean the same query will be used tomorrow, or next month! Getting first place on SERPs (search engine result pages) and bringing targeted traffic is a never ending and ongoing process that you can't afford to stop! You have to continue researching and analyzing your potential clients' search queries, and fine tune your content to meet their intent if you want to not only maintain your high ranking on SERPs, and bring targeted traffic to your site!

So to keep that targeted traffic coming, you need to always be vigilant and aware of your potential intent and the term they use to find products or service they want to buy!

What did you think of our 'Targeted traffic Vs website traffic' article? Did we cover everything? Please let us know by leaving a comment below - Thank you!