Looking for a good home for your business website?

SitegroundWhen you need a home for your business website, do you choose a web hosting company because of their cheap price, or for their features and support?

We recommend choosing a web hosting company, to host your website for their hardware setup to help make you site lightning fast, and they quick response time when you need help!

But unfortunately, we've seen business and website owners spend thousands of dollar for their professional website, then make the grave mistake of choosing a cheap plan with a hosting company without doing some research and read biased reviews first.

Some hosting company will entice you into choosing them, over other web hosting companies, by possibly offering a $1/month for the first year, but then, finding out that the $1/month deal ended up costing them $1000's of dollars because their regular customers are no longer frequent customers.

Could the reason be that the existing customers are not coming back because they grew tired of hitting their browser's back button and go to a competitor's site?

Choose your hosting company very carefully!

Before actually purchasing a home for your online business and focusing on its cheap price, research the hosting companies you have in mind and read their customers' reviews (not on the hosting company's website but from an unbiased site), and carefully look at the amenities and support they offer!

Every business, whether small, mid-sized or large, needs a website and choosing the right web hosting company to host your business website is an important part of having a successful online business!

Not all hosting companies are created equal!

Some will advertise their hosting services at a very cheap price, while others focus on offering great features such as optimized server, lots of storage, simple yet feature rich cPanel, unlimited email accounts, and so on, at a very fair price!

Unfortunately, when looking for a hosting company, many people focus mainly on finding a hosting company that offers the cheapest hosting price possible instead of focusing on features, reliability and support!

Our Siteground hosting unbiased review

We scattered the web looking for any review, good or bad, of SiteGround web hosting services and what we found were only positive reviews either from existing SiteGround customers, or ex-customers. As of July, 2016, there are 810 SiteGround Reviews listed on WhoIsHostingThis?, and growing.

This is our honest and unbiased Siteground web hosting review and we hope it will help you choose your web hosting company because of the features it offers, and not because of their cheap prices!

Siteground's Hosting Plans and Features

siteground web hosting plans

Siteground's hosting plans, we believe, are the most affordable and come with great features like

  • Immediate activation - To help you manage your account immediately
  • 1-Click Account Setup - To help you publish a new website, or migrate an existing website in less than 3 minutes
  • Live Setup Assistance - A Siteground experienced representative will call you to guide you through the setup process (can you get that from other hosting companies?).

SiteGround's Hosting Plans - As of July, 2016


Siteground's STARTUP web hosting plan, good for a personal website, or small online shop with reasonable number of products, is only $3.95/month (Regular price: $9.95/month) and comes with the following features:

  • 1 Website
  • 10GB of Web Space
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Setup & Transfer
  • 30 Days Money Back
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Unlimited Traffic, Emails, Databases
  • cPanel & SSH Access
  • Free Daily Backup
  • Free CloudFlare CDN


Their GrowBig web hosting plan, good for a single but heavy traffic website, or host multiple website under one single account, is $7.95/month ((Regular price: $14.95/month) and comes with the following features:

  • Host multiple websites
  • 20GB of web space
  • Same other features as the Startup web hosting plan
  • 1 Year Free SSL certificate
  • SuperCacher for great speed
  • Priority Technical support
  • Premium eCommerce


Their GoGeek web hosting plan, good for a resource-intensive website such as an online store with large amount of products, comes with more powerful machines and a lot less users on the same server. This hosting plans starts at $14.95/month (Regular price: $29.95/month) and offers the following features:

  • Host multiple websites
  • 30GB of web space
  • Google PageSpeed
  • Varnish Dynamic Cache
  • Varnish Static Cache
  • Same other features as the GrowBig hosting plan
  • Less accounts on server
  • Free PCI Compliance - for an eCommerce site
  • Advanced Hardware
  • Pre-installed Git and Staging

Siteground's other available Hosting platforms

siteground web hosting platforms


As you can see from the above image, Siteground offers different types of hosting platforms that are further optimized for speed and tweaked for improved performance!

  • Their Cloud hosting platform is ultra fast and it can be scaled and customized to your desired plan. Their Cloud Hosting platform is good to host a high traffic site. Their Cloud hosting platforms offers various plans such as an Entry level website plan, a Business website plan, a Business Plus website plan, and an Enterprise level plan.
  • Their Dedicated hosting platform is a fully-managed machine! They come in various flavors such as Entry Server, Power Server, and an Enterprise Server

No matter which hosting plan and platform you choose to host your small to mid-sized business, or your large enterprise company website, you have the option of choosing your data center location, such as the United States, Europe, and Asia-Pacific

Our experience with Siteground

Before choosing Siteground as the hosting company for our website, we went through many web hosting companies (they will be nameless because they are shameless), and worked with clients whose website was hosted on so called big hosting companies (again, they will remain nameless).

We are not going to talk about other web hosting companies and the experience we had with them because this is a review about SiteGround!

The experience we had, and still have, with Siteground is beyond comparison! We had problems with our website but 99.99% of them were due to applications we installed ourselves (for testing and forgot to completely uninstall) and not due to Siteground hosting!

Still, when contacting Siteground support, via phone, chat, and through their ticketing system, we were amazed about how quick their response time was

  • Less than 15 seconds when using the chat
  • Less than 1 minute when contacting them via phone
  • And got a response in less than 5 minutes after opening a ticket

Siteground's ticketing support

Sometimes, a ticket had to be opened with Siteground and the chat support person would even open the ticket for us instead of making us login to our account and open a ticket ourselves. We would receive a response/resolution within minutes after the ticket was submitted! And a lot of time the ticket was even posted for us, while chatting with their tech support!

Siteground Story

In 2003, a bunch of college friends got together to form a hosting company (I believe because of their own hosting experience with other companies) that it is now.

But choosing a name for their new hosting company was not an easy task! Each of their team came up with a name, such as rambohosting and godzillahosting, but the chosen name ended up to be 'Siteground'.

We will be contacting Siteground and kindly ask them to give us a little more about why they chose 'Siteground' as the name for their company! When we get a response, we will publish it!


As of 2016, Siteground hosts more than a quarter of a million domains, and manages 1,000s of servers across multiple countries! For the last 30 days, our website had a 99.99% of up time, versus the poor up-time experience we had with other hosting companies!

Don't just take our word for it! Visit Whoishostingthis to read Siteground web hosting reviews and experience from Siteground's customers! - Another tool, simple yet reliable I recommend to use if you are experiencing any problems with your site and want to make sure that the issue(s) is not from your side, is gives you the Up/Down status of your website (including the status of recently checked websites), your website's 'Response Time', and its 'Response Code'. Additionally, the site does offer some general troubleshooting instructions, which for some might think the tips are very basic, but to others, the instructions can be a lifesaver. The one thing I would like to see added on is a feature showing websites owners comment about their experience with a hosting company.

If you are experiencing hosting problems, or to check what kind of hosting experiences other website owners are having with a hosting company you are thinking of going with, check Isitdownrightnow and then just add the name of the hosting company to the URL, ie: / so that the full URL would look like this:

Should you choose SiteGround web hosting?

Because of our previous poor experience with other hosting companies, and of our exceptional experience we had and still have with Siteground, plus the great features they offer, we highly recommend SiteGround as a web hosting company for hosting your next personal or business website, or if you are planning to switch from your existing hosting company!

Ever since we moved, and our Clients sites to Siteground, our experience has been more than just exceptional. We rarely contact Siteground for any support. We wish we got to know Siteground years earlier!

As I am writing this, our speed test on GTmetrix and Pingdom are exceptional. See for yourself!

Image of GTMetrix Speed Score Result for

GTmetrix Speed Score Results for SimplerWebs

Image of Pingdom Speed Score Result for

Pingdom Speed Score Result for SimplerWebs

We hope our review of Siteground will help you choose them as your hosting company but if you are still shopping for a hosting company, we recommend that you look for ones that offer a trial period (at least one month) and test all of them.

When testing a specific hosting company, make sure that you upload the same setup files, and use the same features you have installed on your site right now so you can see a better comparison result with the same website setup and configuration (same components, plugins, module, widgets, and so forth, installed)! This will help you choose the right hosting company, and from our experience, we believe the choice will be Siteground!

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Choose your hosting company for the features they offer, NOT for their cheap price!