SEO Spam - Are you receiving SEO Spam Emails?SEO spam emails are getting into our mailbox on a daily basis! Are you also being bombarded with SEO emails from fake search optimization companies? Know that you are not alone!

One thing that annoys me the most when checking my inbox is to see dozenz of SEO spam emails on a daily basis! Most of those SEO spam emails, which I didn't ask for in the first place, come from overseas, and most of them promise, actually guarantee to get your website on the first page of Google for a very cheap price.

What I think the Internet Police should do to those SEO email spammers is, you guessed it - Arrest them and have them write (by hand) 'I shall not send any SEO spam emails to anyone, Ever again' ten thousand times a day, for a minimum of 3 months, and every time they commit such a crime and get caught.


Among many SEO spam emails we receive on a daily basis, here's one that actualy beat all of many spam SEO emails we received for the period of 2 years

Good day!

my name is john smith and I am the SEO manager of 'name removed' and hope you have good day.

you should no I have just visited your site and find it is not optimised for Google. My company is a lead seo company in India with 150+ expertize in SEO. We garantee to rank your website #1 on google in a month if not happy the cost is nothing to you.

We specialise in providing truly memorable SEO and online marketing solutions.

If you have questions, comments, or other feedbacks related to our seo services, please contact us to discuss.

We are looking your quick response.

Best & Regards,

John Smith

The above email came from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I am not going to make you read the whole article and then give you a very simple way of fighting back those SEO spammers. You might not like what I am about to say but here it goes:

  • Grab your mouse
  • Highlight the SEO spam email in questions
  • Click on your 'Junk' button

Et voilà! It's as simple as that.

Don't spend time in responding and telling them to quick sending you their SEO spam email, or even click on the 'unsubscribe' link, if there is one.

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SEO companies popping up everywhere

SEO companies (including web design companies) are popping up everywhere and at an alarming rate, offering search engine optimization services at dirt cheap prices, plus a guarantee of getting your website top ranking on Google and Bing search result pages (SERPs), and it looks like there is no stopping them.

The SEO spam emails we receive, about 10 to 15 emails per day, are from so called SEO companies in India (about 85% of the email we got), and some we can't tell because they don't mention where they are from in the body of the email, and they use a generic Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook email accounts.

Even SEO companies are receiving SEO Spam emails

Those SEO spammers are targeting everyone, SEO and internet marketing companies like us, and not just pet supplies, attorneys and restaurants websites. Aren't search engine optimization spammers checking the website of the company they are contacting, and checking twice before starting to dial that number?

What amazes me is that many of the so called SEO companies, largely from India, call us to offer us their SEO services, without even visiting our website and see what services we offer! What does it tell you about such company? They don't take the time to research the company first, thus, this should give you a pretty good idea that their keyword research and competitive analysis work will be extremely poor. Would you hire such a company?

A phone conversation I had with an SEO spammer

I remember receiving another email, a couple of weeks ago, from a so called SEO company in India, and fortunately, this company did have their domain, US, UK and Australian addresses listed with a phone number for each location. The sender was also kind to include his name, John Smith. We decided to call John Smith and inquire about their to good to be true SEO services offer of $99/month and a list of over 50 SEO features included in their SEO plan.

Because my curiosity was killing me, I decided to ask him a couple of SEO questions, and especially, whether they offer any guarantee. To my surprise, he promised me not only page 1 on Google, but also getting my website (I haven't mentioned SimplerWebs yet, and he did not ask during our conversation) top 3 (of page one) on Google and Bing search result page (SERP).

The phone conversation went something like this

Me: "How do you know our website is in dire need of your SEO services"
John Smith: "We scanned your site..."
Me: "Oh yeah, with what?"
John Smith: "With a tool we developed"

Then I proceeded to ask John Smith some SEO related questions

Me: Should I be targeting specific keywords?
Me: Should I be targeting specific keywords?
John Smith: No, Keyword targeting is no longer relevant
Me: Should I use my targeted keyword(anchor text) to link to another page on my website?
John Smith: No, actually, you might get banned by Google
Me: What about linking to an authoritative website which happens to be on the same niche I am?
John Smith: When you link to another website, you are making your visitor leave your site instead of keeping them
Me: What about if I guest blog on another web design website's forum?
John Smith: According to Matt Cutts (an SEO guru at Google), guest blogging is bad

I did ask John Smith other SEO questions but he told me he was not sure and he needed to check with one of his SEO specialist - Wow

Then I continued asking him about my website (John Smith still does not know the name of my website

Me: "What is the name of my website?"
John Smith: "SimplerWebs"
Me: "Did you actually visit SimplerWebs?"
John Smith: "Yes!"
Me: "Do you know what services we offer"
Me again: "What would the response of a car mechanic be if you told him you can fix his car?"
John Smith: "You offer web design" - He probably guessed the services we offer just from our name, which is SimplerWebs
Me: "Anything else we offer beside web design?"
John Smith: "Give me a moment"
Me: waiting patiently
John Smith: "I see you offer SEO services!" - He then added "We can help each other"
Me: "Yes, by showing you what SEO problems your website is facing"
John Smith: "Can you sir tell me the problems?"
Me: "No because they are too long to mention but you could use our SEO services though"

And that is when John Smith hungup

Back to the SEO scam email offers

Most of the SEO spam emails we received so far have many things in common, and after getting a few of them, you can tell there is a chain email being used by so called ethical SEO companies.

Reading the email body, you will notice the following common treats

  • Company has been in the SEO field for over 15 years
  • Company has 150+ of experienced SEO professional
  • Company has helped 1200+ small business achieve top ranking on Google and Bing, within a month
  • Company has experienced copy writers to create great content
  • Company can get you 10,000+ of external links (their link building offer)
  • Company will comment, on your behalf, on related blogs and forums
  • and so on

Below is one of such email we received this morning from Nidhi, the Business Development Manager of a make believe SEO company. The sender used their Outlook email account, and not an email account attached to their domain (if such SEO company exists and has a website).

We would like to share the email we received from Nidhi, with you.


Hope you are doing great!

Based on my observations, i am suggesting you below mentioned plan of

Seo with an objective to delivery you significant ranking and traffic

Improvement right from the second month, while top rankings for all

Keywords are expected within duration of 6 months.

Kindly go through below seo plan carefully and share your thoughts.


(1) Website Optimization (As per PANDA/PENGUIN UPDATES)

(2) Social Media Optimization & Sharing

(3) Content Optimization/Development

(4) Content Marketing & Linking

(5) Aggressive Promotions


1. A blog in the website needs to be integrated, So that regular content

Posts can be uploaded there

2. Need to create more pages in website (Landing Pages)

3. Complete Onsite Optimization needs to be audited

4. Website's information Navigational structure needs to be optimized

4. URL's needs to be optimized


1. I was not able to find social profiles , So we need to

develop professional pages for Fb, G+ & Twitter

2. Social Profiles needs to be integrated with website pages and Blog

3. Social Profiles needs to be optimized for targeted keywords


1. Website have thin content (Which is not permitted after Panda update

of Google), Therefore SEO driven content needs to be updated within


2. SEO driven content needs to be developed for additional landing


3. Regular blog post (3-4 blog posts monthly) targeting keywords needs

to be developed.

4. Other content like articles, Press Releases & Info Graphics needs to

be developed on a monthly basis.


1. About 3-4 blog post needs to be posted on the blog section of the

website on a monthly basis

2. Each blog post need to be shared using Face Book, G+ and Twitter


3. Each Blog post need to promote so that it can get some customer


4. We need to get natural links from each blog post on the website


1. You need to regularly submit your website to Web Directories, Social

Book Marking

2. Regular submissions in Article & Press Release websites.

3. Regular participations in Blogs and Forums on your behalf.

4. Regular Social Sharing and Boost.

We have dedicated in-house teams for Content Development, on site

Optimization, Website Development and off site promotions. While a

dedicated project manager will monitor entire campaign and will keep you

updated on the progress on a daily basis.

From above plan of action, Positive ranking improvement will be visible

to your from first month of the project itself, While you can expect top

Rankings for all targeted keywords within duration of 6 months.

Upon getting your consent on above SEO plan, I will share a more

detailed and quantified SEO work scope along with monthly commercials in

form of a Techno Commercial proposal.

Please share your consent/queries. Also, are you on Skype ?



Business Development Manager

Again, the above email came from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Let us look at some of his offers (talking about each service he mentioned will turn this article into a book)

  • 'Based on my observation' - If Nidhi bothered to visit our website, he wouldn't have bothered sending this email, or maybe offer his services to my clients instead
  • 'traffic Improvement right from the second month' - At least this one did not promise improved ranking within a month, like John Smith did
  • 'A blog in the website needs to be integrated' - Really! Did you miss our blog?
  • 'I was not able to find social profiles' - Nidhi, get yourself a new pair of glasses and look again
  • 'You need to regularly submit your website to Web Directories, Social Book Marking' - Come on, do I really need to submit my site to directories?

Even Google has gotten an SEO spam email - You are not Alone :-)

I've read about an SEO spam email Google received, which was posted by Matt Cutts' website on June 18, 2013. I just couldn't believe that the SEO spammer did not know who Google was, did not even botther to check The content of the email posted by Matt Cutts made me laugh for days and everytime I think about that email, it still laugh because this shows that some people really have no clue and should be put as far away as possible from a computer.

Google gets SEO spam email

About SEO spam emails and what to take from this article

  • Good SEO companies will not email you, nor call you blindly, and even if they do, they will actually look at your website first, analyze it before making contact and not just blindly email you.
  • OK, you need the service of an SEO company! Choose your search engine optimization agency wisely. You want an SEO company that is not asleep when you are awake, and vice versa. (a couple hours difference due to time zone difference is OK)
  • There is no such thing as cookie-cutter SEO services! Every business is different and requires different SEO campaign. - Not a fits-all SEO plan
  • An ethical SEO company will email you from an email matching their domain, and not from their Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook email account
  • SEO requires a lot of skills(which can be attained), and years of search engine optimization experience, thus an SEO service should not cost $99/month for sure

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