Is your newly designed website SEO Friendly?

Search engine friendly design article image by SimplerWebsIs your website SEO friendly? If it isn't from the get go, then chances of achieving high ranking are slim!

As we mentioned in our previous SEO articles, if you want your website to compete with the big boys and success, there are various aspects of optimizing your website for SEO that you must not forget.

You SEO campaign starts with choosing the right hosting company, then building your site on an SEO friendly platform, perform a site audit and check for any Technical SEO issues, and last but not least, implementing on-page SEO techniques.

You have to structure your website in a way that is very easy for the search engines' bots to crawl (get to the meat of what your page is about), if you want the search engines to properly index the page, and achieve high ranking for a service you are offering, or a product you are selling.

Bells and Whistles - Looks are not everything

No matter how much bells and whistles your website has, and no matter how great the content is and to the point, if your website is not search engine friendly (SEO-friendly), your ROI (return on investment) will be very slim, or non-existent!

So before you add that 'hit counter', that JavaScript, or that image slider, check whether those features will have a negative effect on your search engine friendly design!

Is your content easily indexable?

Your visitors and search engines love visible content, whether in a form of HTML or just plain text - But search engines usually 'pass by' content that are embedded in an image, Flash, and so on. So if you are planning to use images, make sure that you add an 'Alt' text to that image if you want to improve that page indexability and boost ranking!

To have an idea how the search engines see your website, or a specific page, and whether it has enought content (HTML text) for improve your page index and ranking, we recommend SEO-Browser, or Google's cache