Should you embrace Parallax Scrolling?

Parallax Scrolling - For Experts OnlyParallax Scrolling (sometimes called Parallax Design) with the use of HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, is growing in popularity but before taking the parallax web design jump and embrace this new trend of achieving a web presence, test the waters and see whether your web designer knows what is 'Parallax Scrolling', how to implement it and still have your site optimized for SEO!

Parallax Scrolling With Today's Designers

Today, web designers and developers are using Parallax scrolling techniques as a tool to better engage visitors, make their web experience more attractive, and appealing by adding engaging visual effects to their clients' sites.

Like Flash and Ajax, parallax design might wow viewers with page depth and animation, it will lack SEO capabilities if not properly done!

Before talking about Parallax Scrolling - Or Parallax Design

Just because a web design company offers Parallax web design, it doesn't mean you will actually end up with a true Parallax site! Unfortunately, I've seen a lot of websites, with a great scrolling feature, claiming to be parallax where in fact, they are not! They are just websites with cool scroll effects. So don't be fooled!

Just in case you want more information about parallax design, I highly recommend you check out this great article about the misconception of parallax design by Rob Palmer!

What is Parallax Web Design?

Simply put, Parallax Web Design is a web design technique, taken from video game design technique of adding visual effects and a website the illusion of depth, thus making users web experience more attractive!

Instead of linking from one menu to another, or one page to another, your visitor will scroll up and down from a single web page - Usually the landing page! Read Wikipedia's 'Parallax Scrolling' definition

Introduction of Parallax Scrolling

Parallax design is actually not a new trend! Parallax design started, many moons ago, with the introduction of Parallax Scrolling on video games! 2D side scrolling games to be exact - where the background image movement speed was slower than the foreground image, thus creating the illusion of depth and giving us 2D game play!

Parallax Design and user experience

Before considering using Parallax design for your new website, consider reading Purdue University's study on Parallax web design and user experience! Purdue University did a study in 2013 where they investigated whether or not Parallax design (Parallax Scrolling) actually improves the overall user experience or not! Read more about Purdue University Study on 'The Effects of Parallax Scrolling On User Experience and Preference In Web Design'

Parallax Website and SEO

parallax website and seoIs Parallax design bad for SEO? It depends! - Parallax design present many challenges for SEO! A one page website presents your visitor with content, and keywords, located all on a single page.

The design technique chosen by your web designer might make it difficult for your site to be optimized for a variety of services, or products you offer!

Instead of having your targeted keyword implemented on a specific page, all your keywords might end up on a single page, thus making SEO difficult! This might also confuse search engines trying to rank your site, or page, according to a specific keyword!

Parallax Design and Page Index

With the old trusted website design of multiple pages, the chance of having all your pages indexed improves tremendously, while with Parallax design, only one page will get indexed (if it gets indexed at all)

Parallax Design and your Analytics

Google Analytics offers various tools to analyze, or measure users engagement but Parallax design will make the measurement less accurate, if not impossible!

Parallax Design and Mobile Users

Depending on the web designer's skills, your parallax design might be mobile friendly, and it might not! A skilled designer will add design code to help make the browser detect mobile device users and turn off parallax design!

But most of parallax design websites we looked at, the parallax features were not turned off when we visited those sites, thus making those sites not mobile friendly!

Some web developers will take the route of designing a second version of the website, and redirect users using JavaScript! Check out Google's Webmaster Guidelines and Sneaky Redirects!

Can I have a Parallax website and still optimize it for SEO?

Yes you can have a parallax website and still optimize it for users and search engines! When a new client contacts us and insist on having a parallax website, we offer them our 'combination design' technique!

With our combination design technique, you still get a parallax home page, or landing page with links to a separate page that focus on a specific topic, product, or a service! Thus improving your SEO!

Should you blame Parallax Web Design for poor SEO campaign results?

There have been a lot of talk about the downsides of parallax web design and SEO but here at SimplerWebs, we definitely don't blame parallax web design for your poor SEO campaign results! The problem is with our habit of taking something that is actually good and abuse it to the extend that it will become bad for your health.

So if you understand how parallax web design works and know how to properly implement it and still get most of your pages indexed and your site highly ranked, then go ahead and adopt parallax design and wow your visitors!

Parallax Design and Google's webmaster guidelines

If you decide to have two versions of the same domain for SEO purpose, one using Parallax Design and the other targeting mobile devices, and thinking of using a JavaScript redirect to redirect mobile users to the mobile friendly version, then you might be going against Google's (and other search engines) Guidelines because using JavaScript to redirect users to a different page, than what crawlers see, will be considered as going against one of many Google's webmaster guidelines!

Our take on Parallax Design

If SEO (organic) is important to you, and your web designer lacks experience in implementing parallax design without hurting your SEO campaign, then we recommend that you stay away from Parallax Design, or look for an experienced web designer that knows how to implement search engine optimization techniques with Parallax design!

Is Parallax design bad for SEO?

Please let us know what you think of Parallax Design by providing us with your comments!




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