A Less but Beautiful Design

Is minimalist design more than meets the eyes? Well, in our humble opinion, it is! When thinking of building a website to represent your brick and mortar business, you have two choices:

  • Build a website that is simple yet user-friendly to help customers find and purchase your product quickly,
  • Or design a website that has all the bells and whistles that serve to your customers, nor your business.

Give me a Minimalist Design and keep the rest

Some web designers might contact you and offer you their web design services for a penny and you might be tempted to write them a check quickly before they change their mind but the mistake you will be making is that, instead of focusing on quality web design, you went for the cheap price.

Minimal Design does not mean poor design

Just because we, at SimplerWebs decided to focus on simple design does not mean we ended up with a cheap and poor design. We strongly believe in 'Less is more' and that is why we elected to go with a simple, clean yet fast web design theme. We could've went with a theme that is full of colors, bells and whistles but that will dilute our focus, which is SimpleWebs' ease of use and simple navigation.

Minimal Web Design can still make Great design

When designing a website, we tend to focus on how esthetically good looking we can make the site, or show off our web design skills to our visitors or competitors and forgetting our main reason we decided to move our brick and mortar store on the web. Target specific visitors, sell our products and make money!

Remember, you are not selling your website's looks but your products or services, therefore, you ought to focus on providing your visitors with exactly what they came for in the first place.

What is Minimal Web Design?

A Simple web design should focus on the following important design features:

  • Simple and clean design - Clean layout will help your visitors stay on your site longer because everything is well layed out with content that is easy to scan. When you have a soft background that goes well with the font color, it is easy for your visitors' eyes,
  • Ease of use - What we mean by 'Ease of Use' is that, your prospect should easily be able to locate the exact product or service they came to your site for after choosing your website, from many others, on the search engine search result page (SERP). Imagine you are in a grocery store looking for a box of cereal and you are starring at an aisle with too many cereal boxes from too many companies. What a nightmare!
  • Remove un-necessary features, Flash and images that serve nothing,
  • Content - We don't mean just 'Content' here! We are talking about great content and not just giberish paragraph that no one understand and is full of web spam,
  • Fast loading website - We all know that simple website that are void of junk such as flashing pictures and too many http requests will load a lot faster. So not only you will make your visitors very happy for giving them a fast loading website, therefore make them want to come back for more, but also make search engines fall in love with your site and rank you higher (provided you have great content).

Minimal Web Design - Key to a beautiful and successfull website!