SimplerWebs' Review of Membership Pro, by Joomdonation

Membership ProMembership Pro is a membership/subscription extension for your Joomla 2.5 (you should upgrade your Joomla) and Joomla 3.x. Joomdonation's Membership Pro will allow you to sell subscription plans, let members subscribe for any plan you configure and give them access to restricted resources such as pages, documents, Menus, Modules on your Joomla site.

We believe that Membership Pro - by Joomdonation, is the best membership extension for Joomla, Period!

We looked at several membership components available for Joomla (paid/free versions) and we just couldn't find any component that could actually beat Joomdonation's Membership Pro features, price, ease of installation and configuration! Plus,  Membership Pro comes with an outstanding support and response time from the developer, Tuan!

When HomeTrendJobs - A work from home jobs site, contacted us to design a paid membership website, for several days, installed, configured, and tested various (Free/Paid) paid membership extension for their Joomla site, and after days of testing, we decided to go with Joomdonation's Membership Pro simply because no other paid membership extension for Joomla could beat the feature rich Membership Pro!

Before considering a Paid Membership extension

Before we considered a paid membership component for our client, the paid membership extension would have to meet the following criteria:

  • Ease of installation: Is it a one click install, or multiple installs?
  • Component configuration: How easy is it to configure the configuration? Is the configuration page user friendly, clear, and properly layed out?
  • Payment gateway plugins: Does the paid membership already comes with some (free/paid) payment gateway plugins, and are they automatically installed during the component installation process?
  • Ease of use: How easy is it to actually setup 1 membership, or multiple membership plan
  • Support - Extremely important when considering a component
  • Upgrade: Does it come with at least 1 year of included membership
  • Documentation - Whether the documentation is available through the website, PDF, or video tutorials
  • Value for your money: Is the price for the paid membership extension affordable or over priced?

Other Paid Membership Pro extensions we looked at

As we previously mentioned, we looked at other paid membership extensions for Joomla (free/paid versions) such RSMembership, Nice Memberships, OSE Memberships, OS Simple Membership, and their features and found that some of them had poor design, their configuration process was not intuitive, and the price was a bit to high for a paid Joomla membership component, or their refund policy was not mentioned in the component description, or on their site!

We even contacted, multiple times throughout the course of 5 days, some of the paid membership component's developer, through their website, asking the following:

  • Do you offer a refund
  • Does the component support PayPal pro
  • Does the membership component support cancelling a membership from within the site
  • Are there any video tutorials
  • and more

Unfortunately and to this day, none replied to our questions sent on March 1st, 2015. We even went back and contacted them, 3 more times, but still, got no answer!

While contacting the paid membership author, we checked their forum and noticed that, for some component, there was a lot of unanswered questions related to installation problems, configuration and features!

Therefore, we decided not to bother nor recommend some of them because we believe that, if you don't get your pre-sale questions answered within at least 48 hours, what kind of company/developer you are dealing with? and what kind of experience you will have when you contact them for a component installation, configuration and feature problems!

Our Score for the Membership Pro

After using Membership Pro, by Joomdonation, for some times now, we are giving it a score card of A+ (100/100) for the following reasons:

Ease of use
We found Membership Pro to be the easiest paid membership component to install and configure than the ones we tested

We had several pre-sale questions and support where the author, Tuan, responded to our inquiries, and was able to resolve our issues (to be honest, the problems we faced were not a component problems) within a couple of hours

Membership Pro documentation is available on the developer's website and will take you step by step through the installation and configuration of the component, plus how to create membership plans.

And even if you haven't used a paid Joomla membership extension before, you will find Joomdonation's Membership Pro documentation to be the easiest to read, understand and follow

Value for your money
Even though the Membership Pro price is very cheap, it does not mean you will get a cheap product that lacks features!

Features you get with Membership Pro

  • Easy subscription plan management
  • Front-end membership sign-up
  • Easy subscription management from the backend
  • Easy and flexible membership renew options
  • Easy membership upgrade
  • Invoice support
  • Auto reminder feature
  • Easy to customize your membership language
  • Custom fields that are easy to add and configure
  • Coupon code feature
  • Access to resources based on subscription plans restriction feature

Do we recommend Membership Pro?

Without hesitation, Yes we do! Membership Pro, by Joomdonation, is a well designed, features rich, and professional membership component for Joomla that comes with good documentation and exceptional support!

Coming soon: Installing and Configuring Membership Pro, and Membership Pro PayPal Pro plugin

Joomdonation's Membership Pro Review by SimplerWebs



SimplerWebs' Review of Membership Pro