Earning links through unique and relevant content

link earning vs link building article imageFirst and foremost, link earning is not the same as link building, at least for Us. We strongly believe that quality content will build you great links. Should you stir away from link building? well, Check out our 'Link Building - Should you?' article to find out!

Off-Page SEO through Building Links

Off-page SEO is about building your website authority, your business trust and reputation! Unfortunately, some SEO enthusiasts still think that building links will boost their clients website authority and bring more traffic, even if that traffic did not come from a relevant, or authoritative website!

This idea will in fact decrease your site rankings and your business reputation. Instead, you should be focusing more on your Off-page SEO campaign through earning links!

Panda to the Rescue

google pandaTo deal with websites involved with low quality link building and article marketing scheme, Google has released Panda! If you still thinking of building links using the above mentioned techniques, watch out! Even though Panda is a big and cuddly animal, it can eat your site up, and your business with it, very easily!

Off page SEO through Earning Links

Have you ever heard of the phrase 'Build it and they will come!'?, well, at SimplerWebs, we have this saying (for a very long time) that goes something like 'Don't build or buy them - Let them build themselves!. Working on your Off page SEO campaign by earning links through great, unique and relevant content is the modern, and the right way of getting links.

Link earning through unique content

Look at high ranking and authoritative sites, such as searchengineland, moz, and so on! How do you think they got their ranking and great amount of external links? By providing great, unique content such as answering a question, providing a solution to someone with a web design or SEO problem, and more!

The higher quantity and quality of links pointing to your site are, the higher search engines will place you in their search engine result page (SERP). Please note that we've included the word 'quality' so you understand that quantity of links work hand in hand with the content quality, and one will not work without the other.

How to not Earn Links

Below are link building techniques we recommend you avoid when working on your Link Earning campaign.

  • Reciprocal links: Remember the old days where I'll ask you to link to my web design service page from your coffee business website and I would agree to do the same? Well, this is a No NO link building tactic.
  • Paid Links: This is where I will pay you money to have you link to my SEO service page from your ladies shoes website without having to link to you
  • Directories: Many directories were built for the sole purpose of building links. Even though this might have worked for a short time, it is not the right way of earning links.
  • Links building offers: Have you ever visited fiverr, or any website where you can hire a freelancer to design your company logo, create your online business introduction video or a scribe, or build tier 1 and tier 2 backlinks? Fiverr might be good for requesting logo design and video creation for your business, but not for your link earning campaign! Why? For the simplest reason of not having control where those links are located at, and how they were built! 

How to Earn Links the right way

We recommend using the trusted way of earning link through high quality and relevant content that will provide great service, or product to your customers, something to your visitors, such a solution to their problem, answer to their question, and so on.

  • You can earn links by incorporating a company blog and have others link to, provide a comment, or share your high quality content with their friends
  • Create videos on how to use a product, which will make people link to it
  • Inform people of your new service or product through social media sites

In Summary:

You should focus more on writing good and high quality content and earn links versus just building poor, irrelevant links just to get ranking! The latter might set you above your competitor, but the high ranking will be a short term one!

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