Is link building important to your SEO campaign?

link buildingIs link building good for your SEO campaign or should you stop building links all together? For years, link building has been seen as an important part of every SEO campaign, but does this belief still holds true in 2015?

Quality Links vs Quantity

Quantity and quality of links (external, or inbound links that is) coming from a high PR website have been seen as a major indication of high authority domain, thus every SEO specialist, working on a search engine optimization project, rushed out onto the streets of Internet and started building links, for their client's website, hoping to boost their clients' site authority, improve search ranking, bring more visitors (we are not talking about targeted visits), and increase revenue.

Should you focus on providing quality content, or on link building?

As humans, we have a bad habit of taking advantage of something good, and instead of nurturing it and making it even better, we tend to abuse it!

And because of this link building abuse, Google seems to be cracking down on the practice of link building and push search marketers into focusing more on quality content instead!

At SimplerWebs, we've always believed in implementing quality content strategy rather than focusing on building links! We believed, and still do, that providing quality content to your readers will take care of link building for you! Don't forget to read our 'Link Earning vs Link Building' article!

For years, human have been sharing goods, information, knowledge whenever they believed that what they have is something great and worth sharing with others, thus spreading the word by mouth, email, via text messaging, on their blog, and even on their social media page!

Our link building strategies

Many link building strategies exist but we will just focus on some tactics to earn links we believe are important, very easy to implement, does not cost you a dime, or make you spend hours, on a daily basis, trying to build links!

Use a Blog for Link Building

Create a blog with content that relate to your brand, your services, or products. For example, at SimplerWebs, we offer web design and digital marketing services, therefore, our blog is mostly about web design, SEO, social media and digital marketing.

Offer great content to build links

Write awesome content and share it on social media sites with a well thought title linking to your article located on your website. Make your article fun to read, even throw in some humor and be yourself, but watch your language (avoid words that someone might see them as vulgar). Write quality content that readers, not in the same field as you are, would understand!

Link Building with Newsworthy Content

Create newsworthy content by keeping up with the latest trend related to your targeted niche and try to be the first one to share news about a new product, new web design trend (if you are a web designer), or share SEO do's and don'ts.

Don't buy links

We believe that Google (and possibly Bing) are making paid links less influential in their organic search results, and we believe that if you get caught buying links, or participating in link schemes, like link farming, you might risk of being penalized. So instead of buying links, why don't you build them naturally and make them last?

At SimplerWebs, we have a saying about Link Building and it goes something like this:

"Don't build or buy them - Let them build themselves!'

Let us know what you think about this article and share your thoughts about Link Building!

We recommend reading Jayson DeMers "5 Misconceptions About Link Building That Are Ruining It for Everybody" for a great insight on Link Building!



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