JSitemap Pro Joomla! Site Generator Review by SimplerWebs

JSitemap Pro Joomla sitemap generator extension ImageBecause I love Joomla and any extension that actually helps improve SEO and speed up page load, I get to try and test many Joomla extensions. Today, I want to share my experience and review JSitemap Pro sitemap generation extension - by J!Extensions Store.

Before testing JSitemap Pro Joomla! sitemap generator, I was using the free version of Xmap which is a good sitemap generator extension but because I breath, eat and sleep search engine optimization (SEO), I decided to look for something that can offer me more than just a sitemap. JSitemap Pro is it!


My opinion - After testing JSitemap Pro for about a month, I realized that it is more than just a Joomla! sitemap generator extension. It is a sitemap generator with a plethora of SEO functionalities all rolled into one great tool. And because of JSitemap extremely usesful features, I decided to actually purchase the full version and use its full sitemap generator and SEO power.

JSitemap Pro is a complete and powerful SEO suite. It will easily help you with sitemap generation and management, site indexing and analytics. With the additional understanding of SEO and how search engines work, JSitemap Pro can improve your site's ranking and take it where no other SEO optimized websites have ever been before - Googledom!

JSitemap Joomla! sitemap generator and SEO suite allows you to add any type of content you want and need to your sitemap and XML feeds dynamically and without the use of any other additional plugins.

JSitemap Pro main functionality include (I'll briefly explain each functionality later on in this review):

  •  Sitemap Date Sources
  • Wizard Data Sources
  • Show RAW XML Sitemaps
  • Show formatted XML/XSL Sitemaps
  • Export XML Sitemap
  • Analyze Sitemap Links
  • SEO Spider
  • Search Engines Meta Info
  • Google Indexing Tester
  • Datasets
  • Robots.txt Editor
  • .htaccess Editor
  • Ping-O-Matic Web Services Integration
  • Show XML RSS Feed
  • Integration of Google Console (old Google Webmaster Tool)
  • Google Analytics Integration


With JSitemap Joomla sitemap generator, you not only can manage all types of sitemap content, there will be no need for you to purchase an additional SEO extension because JSitemap Joomla sitemap generator extension has everything you need for SEO under one roof to help you boost your website's search engine indexing and ranking.


The installation process of JSitemap Pro is the same as installing any other Joomla extension, but don't you hate it when you're installing a Joomla extension, you have to go through multiple clicks (with some extensions)? Well, with JSitemap Joomla sitemap generator, you will only need to grab your mouse, move your index finger and click once. Wait for the install to complete (a couple seconds) then Presto - You are done! This is what I call a true one click install.


When it comes to features and functionality, JSitemap Pro has a plethora of them (I counted about 17 of them). Wow! That is what I call a full featured Joomla sitemap generator and SEO solution behemoth!

You might be overwhelmed when you site JSitemap Dashboard but fear not, the developer included a great documentation, which honestly, I don't think you will need it, but just in case, it is there for you.


Please note that this article is about reviewing JSitemap Pro Joomla sitemap generator extension and not about 'how to configure JSitemap extension! The developer has already included a good documentation for that. Plus, because JSitemap Pro is feature rich, I am afraid I will end up with about 200 pages documentation to go through every option under each of many functionalities JSitemap Pro has.

Note that by looking at each of the icons available on the dashboard, you should have an idea of what each function does without resorting to the documentation - Still, I do recommend reading JSitemap Joomla extension documentation before doing anything.

So read the included documentation and start with the configuration functionality of JSitemap Joomla extension first.

JSitemap Pro 'Configuration'

JSitemap 'configuration' area lets you adjust JSitemap Pro extension settings. I recommend starting with the 'Configuration' first.

After having gone through the configuration of JSitemap Pro, I would recommend going through each of the available JSitemap functionalities starting by JSitemap's 'Sitemap Data Sources' configuration.


Using the 'Sitemap Data Sources' functionality of JSitemap Pro, you can easily choose multiple sources to dynamically generate various type of sitemaps and manage them.

Unlike other Joomla sitemap generator extensions, JSitemap Pro allows you to choose any type of content and insert it your sitemap. With JSitemap Pro sitemap generator for Joomla, you can choose add content to your sitemap from the following data sources:

  • Data source from your content - Your data source will be generated from all your published Joomla articles and split them into categories
  • Data source from your menus - Your data source will be generated from the menus created in your Joomla CMS. Every time you create a new menu, a new data source is generated. You can however select which menu you want sitemap generated from.
  • Data source from your users - This will allow you to create a sitemap from every type of extension that uses the Joomla! database through the SQL Query Compiler
  • Data source from plugin - This is used to integrate external applications into your sitemap. It does however require you to install a custom plugin developed according to the public JSitemap API
  • Data source from Links - You can specify custom links to be included in the generated sitemap


JSitemap's 'Wizard Data Sources' will allow you to create data sources for common Joomla extensions, or start a new sitemap using data sources you define.


This JSitemap Pro Joomla sitemap generator extension functionality is self explanatory! When you click on the 'Show HTML Sitemap' icon, a new window (or tab) will open and you will be presented with the HTML version of your sitemap just as a normal visitor will see.


When you click on JSitemap Pro 'Shaw Raw XML Sitemaps' function, you will be presented with the following options:

  • Show XML Standard Sitemap
  • Show XML Images Sitemap
  • Show XML Google News Sitemap
  • Show XML Mobile Sitemap
  • Show XML Videos Sitemap
  • Show XML Geo Sitemap

Clicking on any option will open a new window and show you the selected XML Sitemap


By clicking JSitemap's 'Show Formatted XML/XSL Sitemaps', you will be presented with a new window listing the various options similar to the 'Show Raw XML Sitemaps' functionality with the additional 'Show XML HrefLang Sitemap' option. Clicking on an open will open a new window showing the respective XML sitemap


This 'Export XML Sitemap' of JSitemap Pro allows you to export all available type of XML sitemap in an XML or Zip format. Why would you do that? To place it as a static sitemap file on your server, or manage already split sitemap files contained in a single and easily manageable zip archive.


JSitemap's 'Analyze Sitemap Links' functionality will help you analyze each and every link on your website and identify any broken link, and non-indexed links/pages. It offers Indexing status, and HTTP Status code of every page


JSitemap Pro 'SEO Spider' is a handy SEO tools with great functionalities. SEO spider will help you identify any SEO issues your website might be experiencing and at a glance.

For me, JSitemap Pro is more than just a Joomla sitemap generator extension - Is it an all in one SEO tool that will help you optimize your website for search engines. It will highlight the following SEO information and any search engine optimization problems:

  • Crawled links/pages and their respective indexation directive
  • HTTP status of each page (200, 500 status, and so on)
  • The Title of each page
  • The Description of each page and whether it is too short or not
  • All header tags (H1 - H6) in every page
  • The canonical URL for the page
  • Any duplicate titles
  • Any duplicate page description

Note - If you see an HTTP status code of 500 for any specific page, it does not mean the said page is throwing the 500 status code error. It is possible that something generated the status code when JSitemap was populating the page.

You can check the status code of any page using SEOBOOK's Server Header Checker

What I also loved about JSitemap Pro SEO spider is that it allows you to export the report in an XLS file


With the search engines Metainfo functionality, you can add/edit, by visiting one single page, the following:

  • Page Title for the search engines and browsers: This title is shown in search engine results, in the browser and shared on socials. It should be about 50-60 characters long
  • Page Description for search engines: This is the description normally shown in search engine results and shared on socials. It should be about 150-160 characters long
  • Indexing directive: This is to easily help you provide indexing directives to the search engines instructing them to whether index the page and follow any links, not to index the page but follow any links, to index the page but not to follow any links, and last, not to index the page nor follow any links
  • Image for social share: You can specify an image to instruct social networks to pick the correct image when sharing the page
  • Save/Delete: Save meta info for this link, or delete current ones
  • Published : Whether to publish the meta info you added/edited for the particular page or not by clicking on No/Yes
  • Exclude: With this option, you can exclude any page and any links within the page from every XML sitemap


To me, this is a great SEO feature offered by JSitemap Pro. You don't need to open a new browser window/tab to check your website pages index to see how many pages of your website have been indexed by Google for example.

JSitemap Pro 'Google indexing tester' allows you to monitor how your website is being indexed by Google, which titles and descriptions have been indexed by Google and the relevancy order of each page.

JSitemap Pro also alows you to perform searches using a specific keywords, indexing language, language and the number of pages you want to see on the report.

JSitemap sitemap generator for Joomla allows you to:

  • Navigate through pages of Google search engine result page (SERP)
  • See the search result for a specific keyword
  • See the average keyword SERP rank which will quickly let you know in which page your website is ranked for the given keyword
  • See the Indexed Title of your competitor - This will allow you to ethically spy on your competition and see how they named their page (hint)
  • See your website's page, or your competition's indexed link
  • And the indexed page description.

Using 'JSitemap Pro Google Indexer Tester', you should be able to look at your competitor's indexed page title and description to help you write a better title and description for your targeted keyword and page.


With JSitemap 'Datasets' functionality, you can create multiple sitemaps using Joomla! menu items and specify the data source to create a specific sitemap view.

You can create a new dataset by clicking on 'New dataset' in the 'Datasets' functionality and entering the detailed information about the new dataset such as

  • Name of the new dataset
  • Description of the new dataset
  • Whether to publish the new dataset or not
  • Then 'Save' the newly created dataset

You can also select data sources for the dataset


If your website does not have an existing Robots.txt file, JSitemap Pro 'Robots.txt Editor' to the rescue. The Robots.txt Editor allows you exactly exclusions and block specific directories from spiders and bots. Note that just because you have defined some exclusions, it does not mean a search bot will obey your command.

JSitemap Robots.txt editor also support the assisted mode to add rules, such as 'Disallow', 'Allow', and 'User-agent', to the robots.txt


JSitemap Joomla sitemap generator extension developer has integrated an .htaccess editor which should help you avoid any risks of breaking your website with the wrong .htaccess rules.

If you've previously used JSitemap's .htaccess editor to create the file, then update it, then realized something went wrong, you can either choose a previous version, or restore the origintal htaccess

With JSitemap Pro integrated editor of htaccess you can add easily directives to manage 301 redirects and 404 pages. The supported directives are:

  • 301 redirects for single pages or files
  • 301 redirects for URL paths or folders
  • 404 Not found for single pages or files
  • 404 Not found for URL paths or folders

Everytime you add a new directive and save the htaccess file the versioning will be incremented for the current session, and you will be able to restore a previous version of the htaccess or even restore the initial htaccess file using the editor buttons.


The days of going to multiple search engines and informing them of new or updated pages are gone when using JSitemap Pro integrated 'Ping-O-Matic' service.

Ping-O-Matic is a web service that will tell search engines about your new or updated content, in one single action, by pinging them (multiple RSS aggregators and search engines)


With JSitemap Pro Joomla extension, you can see XML RSS feeds, see formatted RSS feed or export the XML RSS feed. JSitemap Pro also provides you with the full path link of your XML RSS feed. i.e.: domain.com/index.php?option=com_jmap&view=sitemap&format=rss


I've been using JSitemap Pro sitemap generator for Joomla! extension for a couple of months now and I did not experience any slow site speed whatsoever. If by any chance you do experience any degradation in your site's speed after installing JSitemap, I would recommend you disable JSitemap extension and test your site again. Chances are that your slow speed problems were not due to JSitemap Pro!


JSitemap Pro is more than just a Joomla! sitemap generator extension! JSitemap not only helps you generate various type of sitemaps (html, xml, images, video sitemaps) for your Joomla! website, it also offers many SEO features and functionalities that I believe (in addition with some basic SEO knowledge) will help you with your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, and boost your site's ranking.

JSitemap Pro Joomla! extension might seem overwhelming at first, but once you read its detailed documentation, and checked each of its functionality, you will be impressed by what it can do for you, and your website.

When it comes to the cost of JSitemap Pro - I just couldn't believe the amount of features JSitemap has compared to its low price (note to developer: Now don't get tempted and increase the price!).

Do you remember the saying that goes something like 'you get what you paid for'? Which it usually mean that when you buy something cheap, you get a cheap product, or a lemon.

But with JSitemap Pro (if you prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate), it will be like getting a 2 pounds bar of high quality and expensive dark chocolate for the price of a 3oz milk chocolate bar.

Is JSitemap Pro worth your time and money? If SEO is important to you and your business, then I can wholeheartedly say it's worth it!

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Last but not least


It doesn't matter how great an extension is, it's worth nothing if the support is poor or non-existent!

But when it comes to JSitemap support, it's out of this world. I just contacted storejextensions thinking JSitemap Pro had a bug, and John answered within 2 minutes (and it was a week-end - at least for me) explaining to me that the possible bug report inquiry I sent him was actually not a bug at all. It was my bad - My bad for misunderstanding how a feature available in JSitemap pro 'SEO Spider' actually works. Below is the email I sent StoreJExtensions.

Subject: Possible Bug in JSitemap Pro's Spider Tool


When running the SEO Spider tool for page https://simplerwebs.com/web-design-services with 'Web design services' as the focused keyword, I everything is fine except for the following errors:

  • The page url does not contain the focus keyword
  • None of your images contain focus keyword in the Alt Attribute

If you look at the above page, you will see that the URL is /web-design-services, and the actual article URL is also web-design-services. If you also look at the image on the article itself, you will see that the Alt attribute starts with 'web design services. Is is a possible bug?

Sorry I couldn't upload a screenshot for there is no option here. I also couldn't locate a link to create a new threat on the Forum - Am I blind> :) Thank you for the create extension and support!

John's Response;

Hi and thanks for your report.

Indeed it's how it works.

It search for a single work keyword, so 'Web design services' won't match the URL https://simplerwebs.com/web-design-services
You should search for 'Web' or 'design' or 'services' or 'web-design-services' to match the url

About the image alt attribute, it's case sensitive so ensure that the keywords are 'Web design services' and not 'web design services'

Just in case, the screenshot of what I assumed was a bug is below

JSitemapPro possible bug in SEO content Analysis












So does JSitemap Pro have a bug in the 'SEO Spider' SEO Content Analysis tool? NO!!! I was the BUG and not JSitemap.

Thank you!