How to fix the 'weblinks' doesn't exist SQL=SELECT COUNT' error?

joomla weblinksIt seems that Joomla version 3 is missing the "Joomla Weblinks" component missing! If you have installed the latest Joomla version, or upgraded to Joomla 3.4 (and up), you might receive an error, in your Joomla Administrator Panel, containing a message similar to the following:

'weblinks' doesn't exist SQL=SELECT COUNT(*) FROM' once you Login to your Joomla website!

Why are you receiving the 'Weblinks' error?

You are receiving this 'weblinks' doesn't exist SQL=SELECT COUNT(*) FROM' error because the Joomla Weblinks component was removed, from the core, starting with Joomla 3.4!

What is 'Weblinks' Joomla component?

Simply put, the Joomla Weblinks component is a web links manager that allows you to manage external links! It allows you to add, edit, remove links, and organize them into categories on your Joomla website.

Do you really need the Joomla Weblinks component?

Not really! If you don't plan to organize, manage external links, or allow visitors to add new links, you don't need the Joomla Weblinks component.

How to fix the 'Weblinks' error?

If you still want to have the Weblinks Joomla component in your Joomla 3 website, fear not! An easy fix to this problem does exist and here it is:

We hope this small tutorial helps you fix your Joomla 'weblinks' doesn't exist SQL=SELECT COUNT(*) FROM' error!

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