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There are plenty of Joomla hosting providers you can choose from but unfortunately, when choosing to host their Joomla website, many focus on cheap price, and not on what can the hosting company do for your Joomla website.


If you are designing a Joomla website for the first time, then you need to step back and think of your Joomla requirement and who can meet those requirements, instead of focusing on finding the cheapest hosting company to host your website.


Whenever a prospect approaches me to design their Joomla website, the first think I ask is what's the purpose of their website and what features they plan, or want to implement, and from there, I get a pretty good idea of what hardware and software setup they will need.

  • OS - When looking at hosting your Joomla website, the hosting company will have to operating system options. A Window based setup, or a Linux based hosting. I myself prefer a Linux based setup (Centos). More about Linux and Windows based Joomla hosting below
  • Their Joomla hosting expertise - Choosing a good Joomla hosting company is not enough if they have no expertise in Joomla configuration and support
  • Server uptime - You will never find a Joomla hosting company advertising a 100% uptime, and if they do, I recommend that you take your Joomla hosting business somewhere else because no hosting company can offer 100% uptime. You will always see something like 99.9% though
  • Hard Drive - Your Joomla website files need some kind of storage and your old IDE drive won't do. That is why you should be looking for a hosting company that offers SSD storage with all their hosting plans
  • Upgrade - You need to be able to upgrade your plan within minutes and without interruption.
  • Software - I remember when one of my site was being hosted with a company (the name should remain shameless) and when it came to keeping their PHP and MySQL up to date, they were always 1 year behind. This will not do because if the software is not updated as soon as a security hole has been found and fixed, your hosting company needs to implement the security patch by upgrading to the latest version release.
  • Hosting company location - I recommend sticking with a Joomla hosting company that is in the same country as you! Why? Well, because if they are located outside your country of residence and you need to contact them for support, you have to make sure that they offer a toll free number, speak the same language as you do (trust me, I had very bad experience helping my SEO client deal with their overseas hosting company because of the time zone and the language barrier)

 So when it comes to hosting your first Joomla website, I recommend that you focus on the above must have features, and not on the cheap hosting price!

So unless you have no problem loosing your mind, and your business with it, we recommend that you choose a web hosting company very carefully, and choose it for the features and great services it can offer you, and not for their cheap hosting prices.


Do you know the difference between a Linux box versus a Windows (IIS) box and which one you should choose to host your Joomla site? Have you ever tried to get the URL rewriting properly working on a shared IIS server?

If you have not hosted a website on a Windows box, good for you and we highly recommend that you do not start today, nor tomorrow. Just go ahead and opt for a Linux box (Apache server) with mod_rewrite installed and enabled, and save yourself a lot of sleepless nights, and many boxes of Aleeve (or your preferred pain killer). Trust us on that!


Don't worry, we have already picked one for you, and it is one that ourselves use (after going through many web hosting companies) and recommended to our Clients - We never heard from them, our Clients that is!

siteground logoAnd it is not because they don't want to talk to us, but because since choosing Siteground to host their website, they never had any problems with their site going down, or getting hacked! So again, we recommend Siteground for your hosting needs! Check it out - You will be glad you did! Read our Siteground Web Hosting Review for more about Siteground!

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