It better be friendly or risk loosing your ranking!

Image of two two websites compared for Mobile Friendly Design

Thanks to Google Mobile Friendly update, which was rolled out on April 21st, 2015, you will get the chance, and opportunity to gain ranking over your competitors - but only if your website is mobile friendly, and theirs is not!

Many site lost substantial traffic after the release of the Mobile Friendly update even though Google has announced the release months earlier!

Google boosting ranking for mobile-friendly site

Please note that the mobile friendly algorithm release only affects mobile searches (searches made through a mobile device) and not searches made through laptops, desktops or tablets!

Some are a bit confused about the mobile friendly release believing that the update is a site wide change, but in fact, it's not! The mobile-friendly update will boost ranking on a page by page basis.

For example, if you have a 12 pages website and only 5 of them are mobile friendly, then the 5 will be positively impacted while the other 7 won't!

How to check if your site is Mobile-Friendly or not

Google offers a great tool (free) that will help you test your site and see whether it cuts the mobile-friendly mustard or not! So take the Google's Mobile Friendly test and see whether your site is as friendly as you think it is, or needs some work.

When you get to the test page, you will need to enter your domain name, or the page you want to test for mobile-friendly. If your site is mobile-friendly, you should see something like the image shown below.

mobile friendly test of simplerwebs

And if your website is not mobile friendly, you will be presented with a page with similar information - shown below

not mobile friendly test result

Test your site through Google Webmaster Tool's 'Mobile Usability'

You can also login to your Webmaster Tool and check the 'Mobile Usability' report. Please note that the report is based on the data collected the last time it was crawled!

Now, just because you run the Google Mobile Friendly test for your website, it does not mean your site is mobile friendly and expect to get a ranking boost over your competition! Again, Google's mobile friendly update is on a page per page basis, and not site wide! You will need to test each page (URL) you want a boost in ranking.

Your site is mobile friendly but the test tells you it's not?

There are a lot of reasons when your site is actually mobile-friendly but the mobile friendly test tells you it is not! Just make sure that Googlebot for mobile phones is not being blocked from crawling your CSS and JavaScripts resources through the Robots.txt. These resources are critical for determining whether your site/page is mobile friendly or not.

My site is not mobile-friendly, now what?

Google uses a variety of signals/criterion to rank a website, it does not mean your site will disappear from mobile search results. But we recommend that you make your site mobile friendly due to the simple fact that the change is important to Google.

I am targeting desktop audience only! Will that effect my ranking?

Because more people are using their smart phones to perform a search for a service they need, or a product they want to buy, you really need to stop focusing on your desktop users only or risk not getting traffic from the mobile users piece of pie!

Mobile Friendly update and embeded YouTube videos and Flash

If you have embedded a YouTube video on your website, you can still have the page mobile friendly provided you replace the old style <object> syntax with the <iframe> syntax. As far as Flash goes (and I can't believe you are still using Flash), you need to move the HTML5 embed tag.

Side note: Never force your visitors to install a proprietary plugin in order to view your site! So loose the Flash please!

If you are new to web design and not sure how to design a mobile friendly website, we recommend that you check out Google's Mobile-Friendly Websites documentation!

In summary, if you want to keep that high ranking, or if you have a newly designed website and want to boost your ranking and get ahead of your competitor, now you got a chance to do so by making sure that your site is not only SEO optimized, it is also a mobile-friendly website!

Make your site look great on mobile devices with mobile-friendly design!



Make your site mobile friendly, or loose it!