Easily remove the 3 ellipsis before the 'read more' link

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Ellipsis before Read more link in EasyBlog

EasyBlog 3 Ellipsis Problem

Installing and configuring EasyBlog is easy and very intuitive but one problem we've noticed with EasyBlog is the the presence of 3 Ellipsis located after the into text and before the 'read more' link.

Stackideas EasyBlog forum does offer a solution to the 3 ellipsis problem, with the line number of the syntax you need to edit but, unfortunately, the line number syntax mentioned in their forum might not match your syntax, therefore, making it difficult to locate and edit the syntax!



Removing Ellipsis before the 'Read more' link in EasyBlog

How to remove the 3 ellipsis in EasyBlog

To remove the Ellipsis in Easyblog visible right after the blog's into text and before the 'read more' link, just follow the following easy steps

  • Open your prefered FTP client
  • Navigate to /components/com_easyblog/helpers
  • Open the helper.php file
  • Search/locate, and comment out (by adding two '//') line: $row->text .= JText::_( 'COM_EASYBLOG_ELLIPSES' );
  • Save the changes and upload the file (if you downloaded the file to your pc)
  • Check EasyBlog and the Ellipsis should've disapeared

Please note that the EasyBlog Ellipsis syntax for our case was located on line 1342 and yours might be different!

We hope this article helps you resolve your Ellipsis problem in EasyBlog.



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