How to fix the 'missing tracking code' notification in Google Analytics?

tracking code missing in Google analytics notificationsAre you seeing "Missing tracking code" in your Google Analytics notifications and want to stop seeing the notification? No fret! This small tutorial will help stop the 'missing tracking code' from appearing in your Google Analytics Notifications!

Even though we are using a Joomla website with one of Rockettheme's Gantry5 template as example for our tutorial, the 'missing tracking code' notification might appear for websites using any CMS (content management system) and any template, or theme! The solution can also be applied to any CMS and template, or theme!

The only difference will be where and how Google Analytic tracking code has been implemented on any given platform and template/theme!

We've seen many posts related to this issue on various forum but, unfortunately, some of the answers were either incorrect, or very vague! This very quick how to fix the missing tracking code message in your Google Analytics Notifications section tutorial should help you fix the problem.

About the 'Missing Tracking Code' notification

Scenario - You logged into your Google Analytics and then suddenly, you are greeted with an Analytics Notifications box with the following message:

Missing Tracking Code
Page (your domain) for property (your domain) is missing valid tracking code.

The options available to you are: Adjust property settings, Check again, Ignore, and Details.

  • Adjust property settings: This option will allow you to check your property and make sure that everything is correct, or make any adjustments. OK, everything is fine here! What next?
  • Check again: By clicking on the 'check again' link, you are just requesting Google Analytics to check your property tracking code and hope for the best! Then a day or so later, you log back into your Google Analytics and see the same message!
  • Ignore: By clicking this link, you are just asking for the notification to be ignored! Is that what you really want? NO! The option should be selected only if you are 100% sure that there is nothing wrong with your property and its tracking code!
  • Details: Clicking this link will bring up "No valid tracking code found for property (your domain')s default URL Make sure your pages are tagged with a supported version of the tracking code.

    Google Tag Assistant Recordings can help you ensure that your pages are properly tagged. Also! If you have installed Google Tag Assistant for Chrome and you see "Same web property ID is tracked twice" message, make sure you don't have a Google Analytics plugin! If you do and your template comes with a Google Analytics feature, you will need to disable the plugin!

"Missing tracking code in Google Analytics" simple fix

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you grab the right Google Analytics UA code from your Google Analytics by going into your website property, clicking on the 'Tracking Info' option, then 'Tracking Code' and grab your Google Tracking ID.

missing tracking code message in Google analytics notification

Once you have your Google tracking ID, resolving the missing tracking code problem can be achieved through the following simple steps

  • Log into your Joomla back end
  • On the right hand side, locate and click on 'Gantry 5 Themes' - you can also access it through the 'Components' menu on top
  • Click on 'Configure' - or click on the desired theme's configure button if you've installed multiple Gantry5 themes
  • You should end up in the 'Base Outline' of your Gantry 5 installed Theme
  • Click on the 'Page Settings' tab
  • Scroll down to the 'Atoms' section (see below screen)
  • Then drag the 'Google Analytics' button (or whatever you call it) into the bottom atom section (see below screen)
  • Click on 'Save Page Settings' to save the changes
  • Just to make sure that the changes were successful, visit your default and home particle and make sure that the 'Google Analytics' is listed on the Atom
  • bottom section as well
  • Visit your Google Analytics and bring up the 'Analytics Notifications' and click on 'Check again'.
  • Now you just have to wait for about 24hrs (or less) and you should see the problem gone!

Google Analytics in the rockettheme atoms section

As you can see from the above image, we've dragged and dropped the RocketTheme's Google Analytics Atom to the bottom (white area)

Still getting the 'Missing tracking code' notification even though the tracking code is correct?

Now! If you are sure that you've implemented the Google Analytics tracking code correctly and still see the 'missing tracking code' message in your Google Analytics Notification a couple of days later and after you've fixed the issue (if there was an issue), then you can safely click on the 'ignore' link, within the notification box because it could be just a glitch!

We hope that this quick how to fix the 'missing tracking code' message in your Google Analytics notification helps you and if it does, please don't forget to share it with someone who needs help!

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