Disabling a Joomla Plugin using phpMyAdmin

how to disable a joomla plugins - Tutorial by SimplerWebsThere are thousands of Joomla plugins (Free and Paid) available on that you can download and install to further enhance your Joomla website, But...

Unfortunately, not every Joomla plugin (whether free or paid) plays well, or gets along with Joomla, but most of the time, Joomla is the one that gets blamed for many Joomla based websites problems!

About our 'How to disable a Joomla Plugin in database' tutorial

Our "How to disable a Joomla Plugin in database' article will focus on the technique of disabling a plugin through the database, and not through the Joomla Administrator, running a database query to remove the plugin, or your favorite FTP client!

Why you might need to disable a Joomla Plugin?

You might have installed a plugin, without making sure that the plugin is compatible with your Joomla version, or works wells with your other plugins, and are no longer able to access your Joomla Back end, nor your site! What can you do?

Without further ado, here is the easiest way to disable a Joomla plugin!

Disable Joomla plugin via phpMyAdmin

Log in to your cPanel of your website hosting company

Look for a tab, or a link that might say 'DATABASES' and select it

Click on the 'phpMyAdmin' icon - Please note that you might be prompted to log in

phpMyAdmin image

Click on the name of the website you want to make changes to - If you have many

Choose the database folder name, in our case and for testing purposes, we have 'jos_plugins'

jos plugin imageClick on the 'plugin' folder

Click on the 'Edit' (the pen) icon and the plugin database detail will open (see below)

tinymce editor image

To the right of the 'published' section, change the number field 1, with a 0 to disable the plugin (see below)

tinymce editor unpublished image

Save your changes

Now that you have disabled the Joomla plugin, you should be able to access your Joomla Back end box from a 1

Even though Joomla is a feature rich CMS - Content Management System, installation of third party Joomla plugins might sometimes be needed to expand your site with a feature that Joomla does not have in its arsenal.

Joomla plugins can add features such as offering newsletter subscription, speed up Joomla, add an image slider (Please don't!) to show off your site or your design skills, and even turn it into a full blown eCommerce website!

Joomla plugin developers

Without Joomla plugins developers, Joomla plugins developers are in thousands, and come with different flavors in PHP development skills, and experience! Some developers might be very meticulous when it comes to having the cleanest code, and the leanest plugin possible, while others are just testing the waters and decide to still release their plugin, without a thorough testing!

With some, you might even get good documentation, in PDF, or Video format and have a troubleshooting section to help you install, configure and resolve any problems you might face with the plugins



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