Should you setup a blog schedule?

how often should you blogSome answers we've seen on the question on "How often should you blog?" recommend that you blog write articles for your blog on a daily basis but are those recommendations sound and hold water?. Will they boost your blog site and your integrity ? Read on to find out!

We strongly believe that the above question is the wrong one to ask! Some will tell you that writing one blog article a day will suffice, while others will recommend that you publish multiple blog posts a week!

Our response - Blog as often as you have something worth sharing!

Why blog?

Thousands of blogs are created every day, and more articles are published daily! You might be asking yourself "What the heck should I be blogging about?" when everything there is to write about already exist? Believe it or not, there is always something you can write about! All you have to do is be creative and make your blog article unique by possibly answering someone's question, help someone resolve a problem he, or she might be experiencing!

What to blog about

Even though God created us equal, we are still different in some ways! You might be a skilled SEO specialist and want to share your knowledge on search engine optimization, an experienced web designers wanting to share your web design tips, or a retired plumber that wants to spent his/her time helping others solve their plumbing problems with 'How To' videos, and so on. Again, everyone has something they can talk about or share - and a blog site is the best conduit!

Who are you blogging for?

Some believe the more blog articles they publish a week, the more their site will be optimized for search engines! This is actually not true especially if your article just has words glued together and make no sense, and serve no one!

But we can guarantee that if you blog for people that need help solving a problem, or answer a question they couldn't find on forums, or other blog sites, your site will not only achieve a good reputation, it will also be noticed by search engines and be rewarded with a boost in ranking!

At SimplerWebs, we have a saying that goes something like "Build it, and THEY will come - People and search engines that is...". So focus on providing great and relevant content for your readers first, and search engines will reward you!

Blogging and SEO Benefits

benefits of bloggingCan blogging boost your ranking and drive traffic to your site? That will depend on which blogging platform you are using, whether your blog page is on your site or on, and whether your blog offers great content that actually help someone!

Every search engine wants to provide great and relevant content to their users, or they risk of loosing their audience and when they do, they will also loose money!

Do search engines care about your content?

Ask yourself this 'So are search engines boosting your authoritative website for your benefits, or theirs?'

What do you think? are they doing it because they don't want to disappear like previous search engines did and stop generating billions of dollars, or is it because they actually care about their audience?

Let us know what you think by sharing your thoughts below!

Earning natural and high PR back links with your blog post

Some website owners like to focus more on link building because the believe that if they have more inbound links, search engines will believe that their site is great, thus will boost their site's ranking! That is actually not true! The best way of improving your site's ranking is by focusing more on providing great content, than just content.

Improve your site's traffic and boost ranking with fresh and good quality blogs

When you offer quality and fresh content, inbound links will build themselves, more pages will be indexed, targeted traffic will start knocking at your door, and your site's position on the search engines result page (SERPs) will move up!

So start blogging now because we are sure you have something good to say that will benefit a lot of people! Did we mention it will boost your site's ranking and your authority with your readers?

Choose the right Blog Platform

There are over a dozen blog platforms you can choose from and you have to make sure that you choose the right one not only for its ease of use but also for its speed and whether the platform is SEO friendly or not?

Even though we are going to mention some of them we believe can make help you easily create your next blog website, remember that this article is not about which platform to choose for your blog website.

  • WordPress - Loved by many bloggers and the most popular - It comes into two flavors,, and - If you are going with WordPress, go with because, unlike, it is free self hosted and does not have restrictions that has
  • Joomla - Joomla! is an award-winning, free open source CMS (content management system) that is powerful and easy to use. By just installing a component, you can easily add a blogging system to your Joomla site, or by just adding a plugin, you can add a commenting feature
  • Tumblr - Tumblr is an easy to setup blogging platform with free and paid theme available for you to download and install. Like other platform, it also has a community with people that can help you set it up or get you started
  • LinkedIn - LinkedIn is a popular blogging platform for business oriented people! Please note that, unlike the above listed platform, LinkedIn is not really a blogging platform for it does not have many options as the others do, still, it is the right place to blog about your business, or skills. One thing to note with LinkedIn is that you do not own the content you publish
  • Blogger - Not sure we recommend using Blogger because we believe that Google has not put any effort into it for years
  • Facebook - Great social media platform but is it a good choice for blogging? That would depend whether you believe Facebook is just for your friends and family circle
  • Our take on how often you should be blogging!

In our humble opinion, the 'how often should you blog' question is the wrong one to ask. We believe you should be focusing more on providing great content then worrying about how often you should blog!

Still, we are going to answer the question but not directly! Through our recommendations below

  • Write great content as often as you can but
  • Don't publish it as soon as you have finished writing the article, instead
  • Sleep on it for a day or two, and re-read it as often as possible for new ideas might pop up in your head that you want to add, or change
  • Publish your article sometimes twice a week, sometimes once a week, and sometimes 3 or 4 times every two week.

Publish your blog post at regular interval - Don't set a date

Why should you publish your blog article in interval even though you might have 10 or more articles that can be published today? Well, because

  1. You don't want to have your readers expect a new article on a daily basis, and
  2. What will your readers think of you, or your blog if you don't keep up with the task of publishing an article each day?
  3. We believe that varying your publishing intervals will send a positive signal to the search engines about your blog site

Not setting a schedule to update your site with fresh blog articles, on specific dates, will protect your it from being sees as an article factory that only focuses more on quantity than quality!

Share your blog post on social sites

Now that you wrote the best blog article, it is time for you to share it on other social media sites (as many as possible) and help someone resolve a problem, or answer someone's question on a topic you are skilled in!

But before you do that, we recommend that you create a spreadsheet listing all your blog article, the title of the article, the call to action verbiage you used, the social media sites you shared your article on, and when you last updated the blog post!

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