Can an SEO firm promise Guaranteed SEO Results

guaranteed seo results blog article imageAre you bombarded with emails with Guaranteed SEO results promises? You are not alone! Even SimplerWebs has its share of guaranteed SEO results promises! This article will help you tell the difference between the SEO scammers, and the ethical and professional SEO providers!

Ethical SEO Firms won't promise Guaranteed SEO Results, So why others do?

Emails with 'Guaranteed SEO Results' just can't stop flooding our mailbox from so called SEO freelancers, or an overseas SEO company from someone called John Smith! Even the email account used to send the emails are either from Yahoo or Bing. If you were a legit SEO company, wouldn't you have an email account using your company domain name, like suchandsuch[@] <- Not a real email

Google doesn't offer a Guaranteed search engine ranking result!

Even if you employ Google's PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign, Google does not offer you guaranteed SEO results! So why some alleged professional SEO companies, or Freelancers do! Well, that's because they want to lure you into buying their SEO (search engine optimization) services with their to good to be true SEO guarantee.

Here is an example of such email with a guaranteed search ranking results

"Good Day! Greeting for the day, my name is Michael smith and I am the SEO manager of and wanted to let u know your site is not optimized for google and yahoo and bing. we can help your site get top position with 100+ search engines in 1 or 2 weeks. we have 100+ SEO specialist that have 10+ years seo experience. We give you 100% guaranteed we can list your site on google page 1 in a week, 2 weeks. Kindly email me to my private email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. it's important. Thanks - micheal smith"

Now, what's wrong with the above email?

  1. First and foremost, the 1 week, or 2 weeks guaranteed SEO results. This Michael Smith is giving me a 1 or 2 weeks SEO guarantee! Meaning that he will get SimplerWebs top ranking within a week or two! Wow! This guy must know the secrets to Google algorithms!
  2. Second, the name - Before I got into web design and SEO fields, many moons ago, I had the pleasure of working with over 1000s of programmers, web developers from India and I've never met someone that had a non-Indian name.
  3. Third - The domain that was giving in the email signature, is not a valid domain. I guess he thought I was not going to check the domain!
  4. Fourth - Get SimplerWebs top ranking on 100+ search engines in 1 or 2 weeks! A legit professional SEO knows that he does not need to worry about 100+ search engines when working on a client's website. He would only need to focus on the top search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!
  5. 100+ SEO specialist with 10+ SEO experience - This exact phrase, or paragraph is what I see in each and every email I receive offering guaranteed SEO results. I know there are emails going around the content is copied, word for word, and then emailed to an SEO prospect.
  6. Kindly email me to my private email - When you get an email from a legit SEO company, the email would come using the domain of that company but not a Yahoo, Gmail or Bing email account.

1st Page Ranking on Google Scam

Here is another email we just got today from someone posing as being an affiliate of an SEO company in India by the name of Alex Smith with a Gmail account! He stated that the Indian based SEO company has helped of 200 businesses rank on the 1st page of Google for even the most competitive industries.

1st page ranking on Google scam of an email SimplerWebs received

First, he states that he is an affiliate of an SEO company in India, then he goes and says something like 'I will send you our company details or create a proposal so you can see exactly where you rank compared to your competitors'.

Wait a minute! Usually, a proposal is just a proposal where it lists an SEO company their search engine optimization services, with pricing, and not SEO problems SimplerWebs is facing! An SEO audit is what will detail technical and HTML SEO problems a company's website is facing - Not a quote, or a proposal!

We are very curious about what this company can offer us, how and how soon this Indian based SEO company can rank SimplerWebs' website, we replied to their email and requested more info! We'll keep you up to date with their answers!

UPDATE from Alex (above email)

Yesterday, I received an email after responding to the above email and requesting more info! The response came from someone name Ankit Jain (I guess Alex didn't want to respond), Director of ThinkBiz Solutions. In his email, he lists 54 SEO activities they will be performing if I sign up for their SEO services (too long to list in this article). Some listed activities (that is what they called them in their list) were repetitive throughout the list.

In the email, the sender tries to make you feel you are getting a lot of bang for your money is by listing the same features, several times, but in a different form! such as

  • Meta tag optimization
  • Alt tag optimization
  • Tag optimization
  • Anchor text optimization
  • Title tag optimization
  • Robot tags
  • Keyword optimization
  • Meta Description optimization

The list went on and on! So I decided to call the company using their U.S. phone number. Guess what? The call was automatically redirected to somewhere overseas after only 1 ring! You can easily tell when you are being redirected overseas because phone systems in the US have different ringing tone than the ones overseas!

One more email we received today, January 21st, 2016 with the 'Guaranteed 1st Page On Google' subject line

another Guaranteed 1st page on Google scam image

As you can see, you can tell this is a chain email being sent, by so called search engine optimization desperados, by just looking at the font and body color difference! Still, I asked Mike Husy to call me and see how he can guarantee me 1st page on Google! I will keep you up to date!

Did you notice the 'From' name? It says from 'Mike husy' but the email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.'!

Please note that a legit and professional SEO company will never contact you, unless the alleged search engine optimization company is not a legit company, and is desperate for money!

Read before you hire any SEO company

  • Email solicitation - Be very wary of emails sent by so called SEO companies! A legit and professional SEO company won't contact you, unless they are disparate
  • Guarantee a #1 ranking on Google - No one can, including Google! Unless God gives you that guarantee!
  • No explanation of work to be performed - If an SEO gives you a promise of #1 ranking on Google, or on any other top search engines, ask for an explanation such as how they intend to achieve that top search ranking
  • 1000+ Links offer - Be very careful of SEO consultants that guarantee to get you 1000+ links. Yes, you do need links but quality links and not links from websites that are not authoritative or within your niche. Also, be aware of link farming
  • 1000+ search engines submission - Again, you don't need to submit your site to 1000+ search engines to achieve high ranking! All you need is to focus on the 3 major ones. Again, Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Choose your SEO company wisely - We understand that you want to save money and sometimes, outsourcing your SEO campaign to an overseas SEO company might sound cost effective but here are some problems you might encounter. 1) Communication problems - The connection between you and the other person can be terrible and getting your point across can become impossible. 2) Time zone difference - When you are asleep, the other person is awake, and when you are awake, the other person is asleep.
  • Unethical SEO techniques being used - We recently had someone contacting us to perform an SEO audit on her site and when we sent her our SEO audit report for her website, she couldn't believe the SEO company was using black hat SEO tactics and got her 100's of external links not within her niche. Unfortunately, she couldn't get her money back nor file a complain because she outsourced her SEO campaign to an overseas SEO company. She thought that by outsourcing her SEO campaign overseas, she would be saving a lot of money (she was paying over $500/month for SEO and the living cost in that country is much lower than in the U.S. - What gives?)! Unfortunately, you can't file a complaint when dealing with an overseas company because they don't have what we have - The Federal Trade Commission where you can file a complaint about deceptive or unfair business practices.

So if by any chance you get a call, or an email from someone with a guarantee that their professional search engine optimization services can get you top ranking within a week, or a couple of weeks, chances are they will be using black hat SEO techniques to get you top ranking in that short amount of time.

Note that the sooner your site gets top page ranking on Google, the sooner it will fall back down! Worst still, it might even get banned by the search engines and never be found again! So BEWARE of any search engine optimization company that offers any type of SEO guarantee!

Let's Recap

If you have been contacted by a so called professional search engine optimization company with an offer to optimize your website at a very cheap price, or a too good to be true guaranteed SEO results with the promise getting your website high ranking within a week or two, read on!

Be very cautious of such alleged search engine optimization companies with a guaranteed search engine ranking, especially companies that put up a big list of their SEO features filled with acronyms that only they understand.

SEO Features, with a guarantee SEO result, provided by some so called professional search engine optimization companies (we received a list of features that I had to make me a big cup of coffee in order to read the 3 pages list) might include but are not limited to:

  • Website directory submission - Some alleged SEO professionals will include 'directory submission', where they will submit your website to 100's, or 1000's online directories and make you believe that you need it if you want to achieve high ranking. Submitting your website to a plethora of directories was probably necessary then, but today, it is no longer needed!
  • Article submission - Some SEO freelancers will offer to submit your article to various article directories and tell you doing so will help your website with SEO. Unless you want to deal with the Google's huge and very scary animal named Panda, your articles belong on your website and not on someone Else's! You can, however, build a strong relationships with blogs or website, that are within your niche, by offering to write guest posts offering your expertise.
  • Link exchange - If the professional SEO offers a 'link exchange' feature, just say NO! - Have you heard of Google's battle with link farm yet, if not, then you need to before saying yes to the offer. Plus, exchanging links get you in trouble with Google because it can easily detect that you are trying to get useless, irrelevant link!
  • Automation Tools - Some search engine optimization professionals will even offer some kind of an automation tool to better help you communicate with your potential customers on various social sites from within the content on your website! Here is the problem. The content on your website should be different than the one you have on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media site if you want to avoid Google's Panda. This is different from the social sharing buttons you might have on your website.

Please understand that there are a lot of legit and ethical SEO companies you can hire for your SEO needs but one thing we want you to take away from reading this article is that you need to carefully choose your SEO company and research the company before outsourcing your search engine optimization campaign to them.

But an important fact remains - No SEO company should, nor can promise you guaranteed SEO results, including Google!

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