web design and digital marketing service by simplerwebs pa usaAbout You - We know how difficult and expensive it can be to start a business and compete with the big companies(with their big pockets) because we've been there, just like you might be now!

About Us - That is why we decided, several years ago, to level the playing field and help your small business attain a professional online presence, promote your products or services with search engines and social sites, while keeping the overall cost low, and increase your ROI.

My name is Kieko and I am the founder of SimplerWebs, several years ago, a US based web design, SEO and marketing company with the sole purpose of helping you move your brick-and-mortar small business onlne, while still staying within your budget.


SimplerWebs is all about You, and me helping you get a piece of that prime location which we call the Internet! Of course I want to make a living, but I want to make a living with you, together, because I believe there is plenty of it to be shared and still have plenty more to go around.

I love doing what I do and I strongly believe I can still make a living while helping your small business, and you offer whatever you have to offer, share information about your products, or services with your potential customers on social media sites, and help you grow (you and your business).

So if you believe that starting an online business is difficult or expensive, know that I can help! All you have to do is pick up that phone and...